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Why don’t people just tell you it’s Amway?

A common complaint (and I must say a somewhat legitimate one) that I encounter about Amway rep’s is that they’re often not “up front” about the identity of the company they work with. IBOs generally don’t call people and say something like “What are you doing Friday for lunch? I’d like to show you the Amway business”. Indeed, many IBOs are reportedly actively taught to avoid telling a prospect they own an Amway business. My personal feeling is that we all need to be proud of our affiliation with Amway and not try to hide it. If one truly looks at the facts about Amway and all the great things Amway is doing around the world, it’s difficult not to be proud to be working with this extraordinary company. Even so, there are some legitimate reasons why being 100% upfront all of the time may not be the best approach. Check out this video about The Mojave Experiment by Microsoft and you’ll see why.