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Amway Australia & New Zealand launch Amway University

Amway University

Back in 2007, Amway Global (then Quixtar) launched Quixtar University. I’m not sure which other markets have done similar, but Amway Australia and New Zealand this month launched e-Learning courses on Amway University. To quote the site –

Amway Learning is a structured approach designed to help you build your knowledge in areas relevant to today’s market place. You may choose to undertake a selected number of business & product subjects and achieve a certificate to reaffirm your knowledge, or for your own personal interest and information.

One of the strengths and at same times weaknesses of the network marketing model is that at any given time a large number, indeed perhaps a majority, of people representing a company such as Amway are actually new and inexperienced. The end result of this is it’s very easy for them to do or say the wrong thing. It’s been my suggestion for sometime that Amway should implement a certification program, and that only ABOs who have undertaken some basic training are allowed to “show the plan” and sponsor people. Until then if they want to expand their networks they have to be accompanied by a certified upline. Continue reading Amway Australia & New Zealand launch Amway University