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Alticor, Amway’s parent company, buys another genetics company

Metagenics logoAlticor, Amway’s parent company, has announced today it is buying a controlling stake in Metagenics, a leader in the field of nutrigenomics – the science of nutrition and genes. Alticor already controls Interleukin Genetics, the creators of the Gensona personal genetics tests marketed through Amway Global.

These purchases further strengthen Alticor as a global leader in nutrigenomics research and appear to be part of a clear strategy to make Alticor an unquestioned giant in the fields of Health & Beauty. Several years ago Alticor purchased Gurwitch Products and the leading Laura Mercier cosmetics range.

Personally I think Amway IBOs, and Amway, missed a great opportunity with the Gensona tests. Until recently they were exclusive to Amway Global, however both the corp and the field never showed much leadership in developing an appropriate marketing strategy for the products. Alticor has now agreed to let Interleukin market them through other channels, and I suspect Metagenics will be a part of that strategy, as they currently distribute their products through medical professionals – an ideal channel for Gensona-like products.