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All in Energy vs XS Energy

There’s been a bit of discussion recently on various Amway-related websites about an energy drink called All in Energy, apparently marketed primarily through poker tourneys. All in Energy, much like XS Energy (marketed by Amway and Quixtar) comes in multiple flavours, is sugar free, and has large doses of B-vitamins and various energy-boosting herbs.

The internet “chatter” came about because it was noted in an article about a poker tournament sponsered by All in Energy that the CEO of All in Energy is a man by the name of Greg Duncan. XS Energy is co-owned by Amway and WWDB Triple Diamond Greg Duncan. An almost identical product, and the owner/management have the same name? Surely not coincidence? Continue reading All in Energy vs XS Energy

The Internet War Against Amway Part II

Read part I first – The Internet War Against Amway

The Internet War Against Amway is not a traditional war with General’s directing units to attack our weaknesses (at least I don’t think so!). The war is more like the kind of “war” some religious or political fundamentalists wage. There is a relatively small number of people who believe they know “the truth” and they are obsessed with spreading this “truth” and “saving” people – and they don’t care about any innocent folk who might be hurt in the process, or the possibility that they themselves may be wrong. Continue reading The Internet War Against Amway Part II

The Internet War Against Amway

This is perhaps the most important post I have written, it’s my hope that Amway and the IBOAI is reading.

It’s been my opinion that a major component of Amway’s struggles for growth, particularly in english speaking markets, has been the Internet and Amway’s misguided decision some years ago to effectively leave Internet discussion about Amway to the critics (read Amway and the Internet – A History Part I). In my view, neither Amway nor any of the major leadership’s truly understand the magnitude of the effect that a relatively small number of internet critics have had on the Amway business.

Now I’ve got data to back it up, and it is far worse than even I imagined. Continue reading The Internet War Against Amway

Announcing Amway Watch

Amway Watch

For a few months now I’ve been working on a new website – Amway Watch. Amway Watch is solely dedicated to reporting news on the Amway business from around the world, using official sources such as newspapers, Amway press releases, court documents and such.

This site, The Truth About Amway, will continue to break news on controversial and other topics that are generally not of interest for most people and not “in the mainstream”. The Blog area will also continue to provide my thoughts and analysis on various topics about the Amway Business. I won’t however be updating the front page on general “news” as much as I might have in the past – the focus for that will be Amway Watch. Continue reading Announcing Amway Watch

A win for TEAM

Quixtar has suffered a legal setback in their dispute with TEAM. A Texas district court judge has declared that earlier Fifth Circuit reasoning in Morrison et al vs Amway et al that Amway’s contract was “illusory and unenforceable” also applies to current Quixtar contracts.

In essence the Courts declared that because the contract could be unilaterally changed by Quixtar, then they are not valid contracts. One immediate result is that Quixtar is unable to enfoce arbitration in the  Simmons et al vs Quixtar Inc case.

It will be interesting to see if there is any response on the Alticor Media Blog. Back in February, the blog stated that the Morrison decisions effect on current cases was “virtually zero”. As it happens, I agreed with them, as the Morrison decision seemed to hinge on the fact that the issues in the case occurred before the relevant changes to the Quixtar and Amway contracts.

It seems we were both wrong.

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