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Amway Europe’s first corporate blog?

Amway Scandinavia, or more specifically Amway Denmark, has launched what I think is Amway Europe’s first corporate blog, focused on Amway’s sponsorship of the 2008 Nordea Danish Tennis Open. The blog is written by Mette Henius, External Affairs Coordinator for Amway Scandinavia.

It’s great to see Amway Europe getting some blogs going. As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts, I think getting more “positive” information on the internet is crucial to Amway’s reputation globally.

Still, I have to say the first step is somewhat disappointing. Not in the content or what the blog is about, but how it has been executed. It might be a great tool for communicating with IBOs or the media about the event, but as an aid to improving Amway’s reputation on the ‘net, it’s a dud. Why? Well, for a start, let’s look at the web addresses –

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The Internet War Against Amway Part II

Read part I first – The Internet War Against Amway

The Internet War Against Amway is not a traditional war with General’s directing units to attack our weaknesses (at least I don’t think so!). The war is more like the kind of “war” some religious or political fundamentalists wage. There is a relatively small number of people who believe they know “the truth” and they are obsessed with spreading this “truth” and “saving” people – and they don’t care about any innocent folk who might be hurt in the process, or the possibility that they themselves may be wrong. Continue reading The Internet War Against Amway Part II

The Internet War Against Amway

This is perhaps the most important post I have written, it’s my hope that Amway and the IBOAI is reading.

It’s been my opinion that a major component of Amway’s struggles for growth, particularly in english speaking markets, has been the Internet and Amway’s misguided decision some years ago to effectively leave Internet discussion about Amway to the critics (read Amway and the Internet – A History Part I). In my view, neither Amway nor any of the major leadership’s truly understand the magnitude of the effect that a relatively small number of internet critics have had on the Amway business.

Now I’ve got data to back it up, and it is far worse than even I imagined. Continue reading The Internet War Against Amway

On the Road with Dave in Prague

As some of you know I’ve been (like half the northern hemisphere apparently!) not very well the past month or so, with both a viral infection and a secondary bacterial sinus infection. I’m well on the mend now, but I haven’t had much energy to put into this site or anything else!

Unfortunately that also means I haven’t had much of a chance to talk about the Alticor Global Communication’s Conference in Prague. In lieu of that, I’d like to heartily recommend one of the other guest bloggers, Dave Robison, who has done a great job of getting the “experience” across on his site, www.ontheroadwithdave.com. Dave’s been unwell himself, but nonetheless managed to do a great series of posts, complete with photographs. Give ’em a read!

Chronicles of Prague Part 1
Chronicles of Prague Part 2
Chronicles of Prague Part 3
Chronicles of Prague Part 4
Chronicles of Prague Part 5
Chronicles of Prague Part 6
Chronicles of Prague Part 7
Chronicles of Prague Part 8

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Prague conference update

Well, back home after participating in the blogging panel at the Alticor Global Communications conference in Prague. Frankly – I’m exhausted! … and I only had a 2 hour flight home, I feel for my blogging colleagues all having to fly back to the US. And I have *no idea* how Robin Luymes has managed to do so many Prague Blog updates!

Meeting the other bloggers and commenters – Bridgett, Big Apple, Tex, and Dave Robison (as well as a brief surprise guest apperance from Prague local, SP75!) – was a great experience, as was the chance to meet many of the corporate staff.

They’re all truly good people and I was honoured to be invited to spend time with them. But I think we also discovered an interesting phenomenon …. you know how sometimes these sites can just suck your time away? You just end up in a conversation and before you know it, hours have past?

Guess what? It happens in real life too!

Put people with a passion for a topic in a room, or a hotel lobby or a restaurant or even walking down the street (Big Apple and Bridgett in particular!) – it doesn’t matter if they’ve never met “in real life” before, the conversation flows and the minutes and hours disappear until you have to make yourself walk away, just like pressing the elusive “sleep” button on your computer.

I’ve actually been ill for a couple of weeks, so that failure to find the sleep button on myself the last few days have taken their toll this afternoon and evening, so I’ll be resting up for a few days before I update some more on the conference.

In the meantime, for those of you who celebrate easter, may you and your families have a great weekend!

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Blogging my way to Prague

As I mentioned last Tuesday, next week, Wednesday March 19th, three other bloggers and I will be participating in a panel discussion as part of Alticor’s Global Communication’s Conference in Prague.

In preparation I’ve been considering various topics surrounding the issue of Amway and Quixtar and how we can best make use of the internet and tools such as blogs. Each day for the next week I’ll be doing a post about this, and I’d appreciate others thoughts and suggestions.

For my first two posts though, a little background. Shortly a post on how we humans tend to come to decisions and why this is important for Amway IBOs, and tomorrow why, in light of this, I believe that Amway’s earlier strategies for dealing with the internet, and in particular internet critics, have been disastrous.

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