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A new path for SuperDu – a tribute to Robin Luymes

superduA few weeks ago I learned that Robin Luymes had moved on from his employment at Amway Global as Manager – PR & Editorial. I don’t know the circumstances of his leaving Amway, but I do get the impression the move wasn’t in Robin’s plans, and like so many others around the world these past few years, Robin unexpectedly found himself without a job. Not being an American IBO I really don’t know much about Robin’s role within Amway and Quixtar, but I have followed his work on the internet for some years, and last year I had the pleasure of meeting Robin in Prague. Now Robin has taken the decision to do what new IBOs and other entrepreneurs around the world decide to do everyday – have the courage to go into business for themselves . This week Robin launched luymes.com, a blog, and his new business Luymes Public Relations, LLC. For those that don’t know much about Robin’s contributions to Amway on the internet, I thought I’d give a little background. David Robison over on On the Road with Dave has done something similar, with what I think is a great tribute to Robin. Continue reading A new path for SuperDu – a tribute to Robin Luymes