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Great MoBE blog

I ran across a great blog a few weeks back that chances are you didn’t know about –

Cody Lieberman’s Mobile Brand Experience Blog

Cody, who I gather is the son of Amway Global CEO, Steve Lieberman, is apparently one of the support staff for the Artistry and Nutrilite Mobile Brand Experience buses that are currently criss-crossing North America in support of the Amway Global Tina Turner Live concert series.

As well as daily posts (we’re up to Day 24!), Cody has also been posting heaps of photos on Photobucket.

Definitely worth checking out!

Amway Global Mobile Brand Experiences hit the road

Robin Luymes, Manager, PR & Editorial at Amway Global, has posted a great blog about the new Nutrilite and Artistry Mobile Brand Experiences, which are currently touring North America with the Amway Global Tina Turner Live Tour. Robin has included some great photos of the Brand Experience buses, something regular reads of the TTAA sites got a sneak preview of last week, when one of my favourite Amway bloggers, Bridgett, posted some photos taken when she took a trip to Michigan – Amway Partners With Tina Turner: Mobile Marketing Is Simply the Best.

Inside the Nutrilite Experience bus
Inside the Nutrilite Experience bus

Robin also has an account up on Flickr where he has posted a whole heap more photos – check them out. In a piece of irony highlighted by Robin back in June, Amway’s Opportunity Zone blogs missed out on a Direct Selling Innovations award to another company that was utilising “a brand bus they used to crisscross the nation in support of their representatives”. What’s particulary ironic is that Amway pioneered this “innovation” nearly 50 years ago!

Amway Showcase Bus
Amway Showcase Bus