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Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again

Former Quixtar Diamond Bo Short and well known MLM blogger and former Amway/Quixtar IBO Ty Tribble have apparently changed MLM companies again. In a posting on his website, Ty has published a letter sent to his “team”. Some quotes –

We have received numerous inquiries asking us for feedback about our status at Max. As some of you know we have resigned our positions on the Advisory Council and decided to go in a different direction. The decision to do so was not entered into lightly but was ours alone and followed a great deal of discussion with all levels of Max corporate leadership and ownership addressing various issues.

During this process we were approached and asked if we were open to discussing an opportunity to serve as Founding Partners for a new company and build the team of field Associates.

After leaving Quixtar in 2001, Bo Short, Ty Tribble and others started a new MLM company, Passport. That company apparently didn’t do so well and the Passport folk merged into Oasis LifeSciences, which then became Univera LifeSciences. Earlier this year, Bo and Ty started promoting what they said would be “the fastest growing company in network marketing”Max International.

Now they’ve jumped again, to what is not yet clear, but frankly I wouldn’t have been completely surprised if it was MonaVie, who rumour has it has “bought” quite a few “leaders” into their fold – a much easier way to get great growth than actually build a network from scratch! Still, they claim that they’re “founding partners” in something new – again.

In my opinion this kind of company-hopping is damaging for the reputation of the network marketing industry. While these guys may have the best of intentions, and are moving for what are honourable or even sensible reasons, it’s something that may be beneficial for leaders but detrimental for the most important folk – the new people entering a network.

What does it do for your belief and your credibility if your promoting a different product and different business opportunity if every few months or years?

This is one reason why I’m glad to be with Amway. While we all have our gripes with the way they do things sometimes, and we’d all like them to respond faster to changes in the marketplace – they’re still going strong after 50 years!

UPDATE: Tribble and Short have joined a new startup – EIRO

UPDATE 2011-01-19: EIRO Research has ceased operations

UPDATE 2012: They’ve now joined Shaklee

UPDATE 2013: They’ve now joined Mannatech