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Insight and Responsibility

My last post about Amway Global Accreditation and Bob McEwen’s speech at Yager Internet’s conference has sparked a great deal of discussion, both on the comments here, on Amway Talk, and elsewhere. Of interest was two quite contrasting camps – a significant number of folk were supportive of my comments and expressed dismay at this type of talk occuring at Amway seminars. Numerous Amway critics, many of whom previously associated with the Yager system and it’s offshoots, also commented that political and religious evangelism was one of the aspects of their Amway experience they found most off-putting. A number of current IBOs, including self-identified “conservatives” also expressed their discomfort at these types of talks and their belief they had no place in Amway-related meetings.

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Amway Global – latest Accreditation list

It’s now more than a month since the original August 31 deadline for Amway Global North America organizations and business owners to ensure they were accredited and operating according Amway’s rules and guidelines. The deadline was reportedly extended by a month as the process took more resources and time than Amway Global expected. Here’s the list as of October 2, 2008 –

Accredited Organizations:
eFinity, MMP, ProSystem One, Network 21, WIN, P5, Team-ONE, Vision Global, Britt Worldwide (BWW), I-Team USA, Global Business Alliance (GBA), International Connection (IC), INA, Julia Yu, Chi Chen, Teamworks International (TWI), DSI, Vision 2010, Equipo Vision, InterBiz, Usher Enterprises, IDA International, ITeam Choice, Proyecto Libertad, GlobalNet, World Wide Dream Builders

Accredited IBOs:
Jeff Paullin, Terry & Donna Gallian, Andrea Clark, Janette & Milo Wilcox, Alyn & Geraldine Sovak, Wade and April Cowart, Diane Fahrenkrug, Brett and Rebecca Barlow, KBBT, Inc., Jorge & Nessa Gutierrez, BIJA of Sarasota, Alan & Lori Mitchell, Norma Buttrick Teerman & John Teerman, John & Pam Marta, Holpp Enterprises, Inc., Eastburn & Associates, Inc., Don & Janice Berman, Ray and Judy Clem, Maureen Minaudo, Robert & Eva Chavez, John & Lori Dipaola, Tom & Robin Joseph, Randy and Kathleen Wolfe, Charlotte Maaskant Trust, Bob & Mary Smiley, Phil & Kathleen Wolf, Bill & Myrna McDonald, PTM Enterprises LLC, DD-120 Ltd, Dawn & Bud Peterson, Eric & Brenda Buehler, Gaffey & Gaffey, Inc., Paul & Linda Witter, The Mahoney Family Trust, Maurice & Lavone Luther, Randy Perry & Lisa Perry, Claire Gunnett, Carmel Van Alen, Michael & Dorothy Hamlett, Jan & John DeYoung, DeJean Family Living Trust, Mary Pederson & Katie Bronemann & Lisa Freitas, Karstedt International, Inc., Seagren Sales, Inc., Lawrence & Margaret Rich, Robert & Mona Rodee, Linda Kalland, Patricia Eich, James Merrill & Glenna Devoy, Jerry & Debbie Boes, Sid & Mary Watters, Krause & Krause, Inc., Charles Wolf, Jakob & Julie Oenes, Jean Benetti, Nobuhiko & Tomoko Yamaguchi, Yumiko & Masaki Koretsune, Howard & Faye Vaughan, Dallas Beaird, Amway Direct Distributorship 689, Grant & Marcella Hedgpeth, Dirk, Karin & Nicole Jansen, Amdeka Corporation, Three Beecher, Inc., John Riles, Grace Cope-Riles, Kandice Berger & Shannon Nicole Stone

Of note is that WWDB (World Wide Dream Builders), one of the largest organisations in North America, is now in the list – however, The Yager families Internet Services is not. It’s interesting to see the large range of different organisations and the many “system independent” IBOs listed. Most Amway critics have experiences limited to just one organisation, yet when they write about Amway on the internet, they often speak as if their experience is a universal one – yet I can guarantee most Amway critics have never even heard of most of the organizations and folk listed above, let alone all the other Amway organisations and thousands of Diamonds around the world. It’s also interesting to note the number of “Trusts” and independent corporations listed. These are often very old distributorships, often where the original distributor has since died. The Charlotte Maaskant Trust, for example, is the business originally started by Neal Maaskant – the sponsor of Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel in both Nutrilite and Amway! It qualified as a Founders Emerald business when Founders Awards were introduced in the late 90s. Contrary to the claims of Amway critics that “residual” type incomes aren’t possible with Amway, these businesses continue to provide incomes for the families of the distributor that had the foresight and put in the effort to build a successful, long-lasting business.