TEAM forums banning all dissenters?

TEAM IBOs have been running a forum at Frankly I don’t think they’ve been helping their cause much, as many of them have been talking about practices explicitly against Quixtar rules.

I’ve been somewhat sympathetic to some of the issues TEAM has raised, but to be honest, their reps. are starting to p**s me off. I went to read the forums and discovered my IP address had been banned, supposedly for breaking the rules. I double checked the rules and my posts and couldn’t find any I broke, so using a different IP address I logged on and posted a message asking why I’d been banned.

The response? My account there was deleted, and not only that – all the posts I’d made (not that many) were also deleted.

I’ve posted no inflammatory statements there, asked a few questions, agreed with some of the issues they raised. For some reason though, a number of posters there are convinced I’m a Quixtar employee (I’m not). They even claimed the fact I knew Jody Victor’s mother had died as "proof" I knew too much. It seems they don’t bother reading either or the Opportunity Zone blogs, where this information was posted more than a week ago. Still, this shouldn’t be a surprise, some further posts there are claiming about QBOB that there is no information about it on Quixtar, when it’s quite clearly promoted in the "news" section for IBOs.

Perusing their posts and other blogs, it seems they’re accusing virtually anyone who disagrees with them as being Quixtar employees and banning them. Here’s one quote

"JohnDoe" is definitely sitting in a Qbicle over there. Him along with "jthompson" formerly known as "anotherview" and "ibofightback." "Tex" also seems suspcious along with "Clark" and "crusador" who is now "ibo1998."

"Tex" a Quixtar employee???? Good god – anyone following Amway/Quixtar on the internet knows what a ridiculous statement that is.

The TEAM IBOs claim some great quest for "freedom", yet they’re actively censoring outside points of view. Not exactly the actions of "freedom" loving folk. I stated a few days ago I thought the Alticor blogger was damaging the reputation of Alticor, Amway and Quixtar – well, TEAM’s IBOs are certainly doing little to help their side.
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