TEAM keeps digging …. a hole ….

Today the IBOAI has published a somewhat terse statement by Double Diamond Fred Harteis regarding the rumours surrounding his involvement in TEAM and the fact he was originally listed as a plaintiff in the current California lawsuit against Quixtar.

Fred Harteis makes it extremely clear he had no knowledge of the lawsuit –

At no time did I authorize Mr. Poyfair or any other attorney to include me as a Plaintiff in the lawsuit. Again, I’ve never spoken with Mr. Poyfair or any other member of his law firm. At no time did I authorize any other person, including any Plaintiff named in the lawsuit, to include me as a Plaintiff in the lawsuit. Moreover, neither Mr. Poyfair nor any other attorney for Plaintiffs contacted my attorney, Rick Abraham, to seek his authorization to include me in the lawsuit. Mr. Poyfair had met Mr. Abraham one or two months prior to filing the lawsuit and knew without any doubt that Mr. Abraham was my attorney.

You can read the entire statement on the IBOAI blog.

There’s been another rumour floating around the blogosphere which I’d like to address here. Some TEAM IBOs are essentially claiming that Quixtar is allocating bogus customers to TEAM Platinums in order to artificially boost the number of "retail clients" and thus disarm the heart of TEAM’s case – that the products couldn’t be retailed.

Here’s one quote from the TEAM forums (sic) –

Could it be that Q/A assigned bogus custemers to team ibos after the suit was filed. You have affidavits from ex ibos that say they were assigned customers by Q that had no phone #s, never answerd there email, and on the rare occasion that contact could be made, the so called customer never heard of Q. If you were that judge what would you think.

This is a clear admision of guilt. This is a fraudulent cover up.

Like any good conspiracy theory it has an element of truth to it. TEAM platinums almost certainly have been having this happen. Why? Well, when an IBO resigns, their registered customers are still on the system, and according to a post on the Quixtar blogs (can’t find the exact link now – anyone help?) Quixtar allocates these customers to the upline platinum.

So as TEAM IBOs resign, the customers of the former downline will appear as customers of the Platinums. Now, it would appear from the above quote though, and others like it, that these were bogus customers – TEAM IBOs were deliberately fudging their records.

Ultimately a platinum is responsible for what happens in their group. These platinums claiming the existence of these bogus customers are indeed encountering "a clear admission of guilt" – their own.

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