Team leadership development and life coaching! But no money …

I site visitor forwarded me some new TEAM PDFs. There’s Customer Registration Worksheet’s for the US and Canada and a Direct Fulfillment Customer Order form. The Customer Registration allows you to register to use the TEAM website for the price of US$15 for 3 months. You can register for Basic or as a PowerPlayer or PowerPlayer Plus. There’s also two Spanish options.

What do you get? A virtual alphabet of acronyms! The PowerPlayer Plus package includes a TEAM CD, a PPS CD, a BOM, an SOL, a DVD, optional SOTs and ERM CD and ERMB!

I understand CD and DVD, and I’m guessing SOT is "standing order tape" and BOM "book of the month" – but can anyone fill me in on what’s PPS, SOL, and ERM? And for that matter, what’s on a TEAM CD?

Now, before you get too excited about the ability to access TEAM’s training system, take note of the disclaimer –

I understand that, as a customer, I’m only purchasing Team leadership development and life coaching material for my personal use and not for financial considerations such as an earnings opportunity.

Of course, one would assume, that somebody is making money out of this ….

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