Team Nutrilite – What’s Next? 17.10.08

The following video teaser for Team Nutrilite/Team Nutriway has been posted on numerous Amway Europe video sites today. Interestingly, it doesn’t say “Who’s joining us next”, as the Ronaldinho teaser video did, instead it says “What’s Next?

Does this mean it’s not a person? A team perhaps? Or an event, like the recent Nutrilite Canadian Soccer Championships? Or perhaps it’s a new website, like the just launched spanish website – I tried to get some hints on the Team Nutrilite Blog on the Amway Global Opportunity Zone, Andy Gamm says he’ll blog about the announcement on Friday (10.17.08 for Americans!)

Anyone care to hazard some guesses?

5 thoughts on “Team Nutrilite – What’s Next? 17.10.08”

  1. Not sure if it’s related to this announcement, but I did find another cool sponsorship – Nutrilite has been supporting a spanish reality TV program called “26.2 challenge in New York”, getting 10 folk together with experts and training them in 8 weeks for the NYC marathon.

  2. That would be great! But … some googling shows that the BWIN sponsorship is through until 2010, though apparently they’ve had some problems in some countries with laws against gambling advertising.

  3. Perhaps Nutrilite will be the new sponsor of AC Milan? they did play without the usual BWIN sponsor logo in their match against FC Zurich last week. That would be sooo cool, Dinho80 is playing for Milan anyway!

    The world’s best nutrition company + world’s best football team will make them a Championship winning combo

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