TEAM vs Quixtar: A win for TEAM in Texas

A new Temporary Restraining Order has been issued against Quixtar in Texas regarding it’s dispute against TEAM. While normally TROs are not something to get too excited about, since they are, as the name suggests, "temporary" and in place until full hearings can be heard, this TRO has some extremely interesting features.

In particular, the following orders were made –

(1) Defendant QUIXTAR, and Defendant’s respective officers, managers, trustees, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, confederates and all other persons in active concert or participation with them, shall deliver a copy of this Order to all QUIXTAR IBOs in the North American market by electronic transmission through e-mail within 24 hours of Defendant’s receipt of this Order by service on Defendant; and, (11) remove all disparaging statements and comments about TEAM and any IBO affiliated with TEAM since August 1,27 from Defendant’s and Defendant’s agents web sites and blog sites within 24 hours of Defendant’s receipt of this Order by service on Defendant.

On second thought, this is perhaps a win for BOTH sides. The "disparaging statements and comments" about TEAM that certain Alticor bloggers have made have done nothing but harm the reputation of Alticor and Quixtar. I 11% support this court order that they should be removed!

What’s extremely interesting though is the requirement that the order be sent to all Quixtar IBOs. My guess is that the majority of Quixtar IBOs know nothing at all about this whole dispute. This will certainly challenge not only Quixtar’s new "transparency", but also that of many other systems that often have their IBOs in somewhat of a bubble, with little knowledge of what goes on outside their organization.

Read the complete order here

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