TEAM vs Quixtar: Haugen and Wilson withdraw from lawsuit

The Alticor Media Blog is reporting that former Quixtar Double Diamond Randy Haugen and former Quixtar Diamond Don Wilson have withdrawn from the Team lawsuit against Quixtar in California. Including the initial withdrawal of Fred Harteis, that’s now three "major players" who have withdrawn from the suit. The remaining plaintiffs are –

Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Billy Florence, Chuck Goetschel, Tim Marks, Kirk Birtles, James Martin, Aron Radosa, David Brandy, Benjamin Dickie, Bruce Gilbank, Michael Martenson, and Chuck Cullen

I’ve so far only found one response on the various Team blogs and forums. That response was on the Ashton Partners run forum at

I wouldn’t worry about it too much

Hmmm …. well, no one can accuse Team of failing to imbue their IBOs with positive thinking!

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