Team5k – no longer Quixtar Accredited?

Quixtar's Team5kWhile we're focusing on Amway UK & Ireland putting a temporary suspension on BSM sales and sponsoring in that market, another piece of "tools" new seems to have slipped under the radar.

Last year, Quixtar launched the Quixtar Accreditation program, whereby companies and teams providing Business Support Materials (BSM) could voluntarily submit to an apparently quite stringent accreditation process, where Quixtar checks all of their materials (tapes, CDs, websites etc ets) to check they fit Quixtar regulations. eFinity was the first of the accredited organizations, followed by Chuck Goetschel's Team5k  and then Jody Victor's MarkerMan Productions.

Today however I visited to see if perhaps any new teams had passed accreditation. Instead I discover that Team5k no longer appears (click here to see). The Team5K page is still on the site (here) but apparently they're no longer accredited.

Can any team5k members let us in on the story? Have they perhaps merged with another group, or have they indeed "lost" accreditation?

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Update: a poster on the forums says Team5K has merged with another group which is not currently accredited.

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