The Fred Harteis/TEAM mystery cleared up

One of the issues of confusion that arose with the TEAM vs Quixtar lawsuit was the inclusion of Fred Harteis as a plaintiff, but no mention of him as being terminated in the Quixtar and IBOAI press releases. Later press reports indicated his inclusion in the suit was an error.

Well, I was perusing the new IBOAI blog site and saw a comment posted by Fred Harteis himself in response to a query about why he had backed out of the lawsuit –


1. I did not back out of the lawsuit. I had no knowledge that a lawsuit was being filed and did not authorize anyone to include me as a party to the lawsuit. This fact was conceded by TEAM’s attorney to my attorney earlier this week. I had never read or seen the lawsuit. I had never spoken with the attorneys who filed the suit for TEAM. TEAM’s intentional and reckless conduct in causing their attorneys to place my name on the Complaint has and will continue to cause substantial damages to me and my family in our Quixtar businesses. The damages that we are sustaining are amply demonstrated by this comment from "TEAM Member."

2. No one exerted any pressure on me to make any decision. I never intended to join any TEAM member in a lawsuit against Quixtar in the first instance.

3. I have never received any compensation from the TEAM training system. And while we’re at it, I do not agree with the sale of BSM without the supporting a business that offers consumable products. A system that is promoting the system itself and focuses almost entirely on income from the system is improper and not something in which I will engage.

Fred Harteis

I’ve heard through other sources that another major system had actually merged with TEAM only the week before this all occurred, and they too had no knowledge of the path TEAM was preparing to take. Needless to say their leaders were also furious with Woodward and Brady.

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