The JoeCool Threat Story Pt.2.

In order to try and keep the “standard” of this site at a reasonable level, I’ve now made The JoeCool Threat Story only available to registered users who have logged in to the site, something which in hindsight I probably should have done initially.

It seems to me there are a number of folk commenting on this saga that are taking “JoeCools” posts at face value, and have not actually read what he himself has written on the other websites. Given the nature of those sites that is understandable.

JoeCool himself has admitted these are his postings, so the veracity of their content is not in dispute. If anyone cares to do so they can read those postings and see for themselves that his “defence” on this issue is clearly a lie. He is obviously hoping, and it seems correctly, that people will not bother to read them for themselves and simply believe what he says about them.

Again, I reiterate –

1. Nobody has posted anything that was not already public.
2. Nobody has made public any unsubstantiated allegations against JoeCool.
3. JoeCool was the one who raised this topic publicly, nobody else.

Frankly I’m quite disgusted at the way various people have continued to defend this “man” and in doing so implied that the so-called “cyber-bullying” is somehow worse than his behaviour and he should be given sympathy.

I’ll leave this post up for 48hrs and then revert it too to a “registered users only” post.

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