The woman behind the transformation of Amway

Candace Matthews is Amway’s Chief Marketing Officer. Earlier this year she was named Black Corporate Executive of the Year. The video below (first 7 minutes) is a great interview with her and discussing her role at Amway.

In the interview Ms Matthews mentions a new video about Amway around the world. I believe it’s the beautiful The Ripple Effect, below.

5 thoughts on “The woman behind the transformation of Amway”

  1. I’ve been out of Amway for about a decade now, but it’s pretty neat to see their television ads and marketing. I even saw a product placement in the “Transformers” movie. While word of mouth is still the most effective, having some national PR definitely gives distributors an added boost.

  2. @MichMan you got that rite! times have changes, woman are now very powerful which is great! they have the ability to multitask unlike us men! so they are able to juggle many tasks at once.

    Us men do one thing at a time, but we do it DAMN GOOD JOB!

    @ibofightback Thanks for sharing the videos! i wasn’t aware of these updates! *hi five*

    I’ve also just posted videos on my new blog that can help clear up questions that are often asked in upon our industry, such as “Do most ppl fail in network marketing?” or “What are the chances of succeeding?”

    Drop by and watch these great videos


  3. I find it interesting that two of the top executives at Amway Corp. are women.

    Another Amway woman Eva Cheng, on whom you did an article, was named by Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world.

    Candice Matthews is a success story in her own right. I hope she writes a book one day. She grew up in modest means, being one of several children of a pastor. She ended up at an exclusive Ivy League college. From there it was onward and upward.

  4. What a neat lady.

    “Demanding without being demeaning.”

    Thanks for posting this interview, ibofb.

    The Ripple Effect…I saw it for the first time at the World Headquarters Welcome Center this summer.

    My husband and two kids were with me in a 100-seat theatre. The lights dimmed, and this played. The lights came up, the screen rolled up in to the ceiling, and the walls behind it opened up vertically, Star Trek-style, to reveal the first of many areas/rooms which visually communicated Amway–the products, the history, the heart.

    Really neat experience, and this “movie” set the tone so beautifully.

    Keep up the great work Candace! 🙂

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