This is hilarious …

Anti-Amway zealot JoeCool has posted various responses to my Anatomy of Deceit – an Amway Critic’s Price Comparison post accusing me of being a liar and wrong etc etc. One particular post is absolutely hilarious and is truly indicative of what we’re dealing with here –

In a recent article on his half truth about Amway website, IBOFightback says this about Joecool:

There is no XS sports drink. JoeCool is probably his usual out-of-date self.”

I found it humorous as I drank an XS sports drink about a year ago. A quick google search turned up this as well:

Quixtar XS Sports Nutrition – Buy XS Energy Sports Drinks from
When you push your body to perform your body pushes back. … Drink XS Sports Drinks before physical activity to promote adequate hydration during your workout.

XS Sports Drink now available in Clearly Sugar-Free Orange
XS Sports Drink in Clearly Sugar Free Orange also contains the exclusive N UTRILITE® B-Lenium Blend: a formulation of B vitamins for energy, selenium to protect against … AMWAY GLOBAL NEWS

November 12, 2004 16:11 PMQuixtar XS Sports Drink Now Available in Clearly Sugar-Free Orange Flavor
Quench your thirst and re-hydrate your body without consuming sugar, carbs, or calories. [Quixtar News: Nov. 12, 2004] The newest XS® Sports Drink contains the sweet and tangy flavor of orange without any of the sugar used to power most other sports drinks.
Hey IBOFightback, who is outdated and misinformed?

2004??? Check your calendar JoeCool, it hasn’t been 2004 for … well … years!

JoeCool offers “proof” that I’m “outdated and misinformed” by “a quick google search” and links to outdated information. He could have simply gone to and looked up the products and prices. He might then have found out the XS sports drink was rebranded under the Nutrilite brand.  He didn’t bother.

JoeCool has little interest in talking about Amway today. He rehashes his limited experiences from a decade ago. He searches the ‘net for other out-dated, minority experiences and reposts them elsewhere, hoping to further trash the Amway name. He runs multiple anti-Amway blogs, and stalks forums and social networking sites talking to newbie IBOs, pretending to be a prospect. What’s his motive? I’ve no idea. Frankly I think US Amway business owners would have a very strong case for a Class Action Tortuous Interference claim against this clown.

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  1. funny thing is that this guy joe cool has become so famous just by being a critic……its time we ignore him or when no one gives heed he will just disappear in thin air…….we respond and he responds back….so its we who actually trigger him……just like how we stay deaf to the NO’s that we hear in this business we must become deaf to people like Joe Cool’s

  2. Joe Cool you are so Joe uninformed critic.

    Amway Global has helped me by my own efforts to pay my mortgage, pay off my car, and help friends buy at home items cheaper than wall-mart. Are you just jelous of those that succeeded? I think so. Go blow your horn elsewhere!

  3. some what off the topic but wow 12,922 blocked spam comments lol; LOL critics only criticize for the feeling of importance or dominance. Let them, we know it works, amyway has been here for 50 years and all they can come up with are “over priced items” and junk like that, lol Australia turned over 11 billion alone, and thats after the over heads had been payed for……… yeah sure Amways sucks lol 😛

  4. i think it’s so funny that most of the people criticizing amway either haven’t been in it, or didn’t follow it through and gave up. they claim you don’t make money because they didn’t – sore losers that give up so they don’t fail!

  5. I don’t know if it’s that “he doesn’t have a clue.” It’s that joecool is so blinded with pride?…ego?…a double-life?…that even when corrected, he still continues on this myopic road of insanity.

    On ibofightback’s original post (the one before this one) ibofb cleary says,

    “There is no XS sports drink. JoeCool is probably his usual out-of-date self. There’s a Nutrilite Sports Drink – it’s $30 at retail, maybe that’s what he meant?”

    Right there, joecool is given information, NUTRILITE Sports Drink, and yet he rather pull up the first two websites on a Google search which support his unfactual world.

    joecool, whether he knows it or not, is proving that just because something is on the Internet, doesn’t make it true.


    Who ya gonna believe? 😉

  6. You know, when I started my business his site instilled a lot of doubt in me because I am young and impressionable. It doesn’t take too much time to realize that these internet critics are not looking at all the facts and would rather keep other people down like themselves than go out and achieve something new in life. I’m glad an IBO like you has taken the time to put together this site.

  7. That is hilarious. All anyone has to do is go to and click on XS Energy Drinks to see that the sport drinks are NOT there. Then click on Nutrilite, then click on Sports Nutrition, and there are the NUTRILITE Sport Drinks. After all, it is 2009, not 2004.

    Maybe everybody that drives an Oldsmobile thinks that because they’re driving one that GM still makes those, too.

  8. lol…So many people who failed in the business, that they work hard to make others fail…

    I wish we have XS here!

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