Updated Amway North America average incomes

In the latest Amway Business Opportunity Brochure (BOB), Amway North America has finally released some up dated average bonus statistics for that market. The figures are from 2009.

Level Average/yr Highest/yr Percent
Gold $12,303 $57,308 0.18%
Founders Platinum $40,125 $966,290 0.26%
Founders Emerald $142,181 $673,334 0.02%
Founders Diamond and above $609,541 $2,739,829 0.01%

Unfortunately the misleading “average monthly gross income for active IBOs” figure from a 2000 survey was not updated.

A few things stand out. First is that North American Emerald’s and Diamonds are significantly better compensated than their Amway Europe counterparts. This was one of the complaints of former UK Diamonds Jerry and Mandy Scriven. Converted to USD using today’s rates –

Level Europe(2008) North America (2009)
Founders Platinum $40,701 $40,125
Founders Emerald $78,058 $142,181
Founders Diamond and above $188,472 $609,541

The difference is even starker when it’s realised that reaching these levels is easier in North America, with 7500PV per month required for a US platinum versus 10000PV for a European platinum. Amway Europe has however introduced newer, larger higher award bonuses in the last couple of years, so hopefully this significant income difference has been narrowed.

Second point of interest is that there’s at least one Founders Platinum earning significantly more than the average Founders Diamond and above! Nearly a million dollars a year as a Platinum! This proves the folly of many critics (and IBOs!) of focusing purely on “Diamond” as a measure of success in the Amway business – even if you’re only talking about making a lot of money as your only measure of success.

ETA: Another thing worth noting is that the income shown are for people’s North American Amway businesses only. Many IBOs, especially Diamond and above, own and operate Amway businesses in other markets as well. Numerous high achievers have reached Diamond and above in many countries, thus multiplying the above incomes each time.

16 thoughts on “Updated Amway North America average incomes”

  1. Hi IBOFB, thank you for updating us with this very interesting article. I find the near-millionaire Founders Platinum quite an anomaly too!

    Whatever it is, I am glad that Amway is now “fighting back”. AFB. 🙂

  2. Sales Plan money is always paid on volume. The higher the volume, the more money an IBO makes. This is something that many people in and out of the business have not figured out yet. It amazes me to this day to hear Diamonds that are barely re-qualifying by the skin of their teeth that still play down building a large retail business. I guess if they like living on the edge, then that’s their deal. The Founders Platinum that makes nearly a million dollars a year has the highest group volume in North America. It’s as simple as that.

  3. The highest income of $966,290 for F. Platinum seems strange to me. I would rather assume that there is an error and that the figure should be $96,629 (in Eastern Europe the highest income for F.Platinum was $95,888).

      1. Hi, I’m not denying that it is possible to earn so much as a Founders Platinum, but it is very unlikely.
        Comparing this figure to 2008 maximum income of a F.Platinum in Eastern and Western Europe, i.e. $95,888 and €123.383, respectively, I assume that there may be a typo error in the BOB.
        Has any corporate official confirmed that the $900K+ figure is really correct? If so, I agree that this would be a FANTASTIC example of how excellent this business opportunity is. On the other hand, nearly $100,000 would be still a very nice income for a F.Platinum.
        Anyway, I wonder who this F.Platinum is… 😀

          1. I would rather say an Emerald with 2 Founders Crown Ambassador legs, 3 Q9 legs (or Q11 legs without a volume equivalency), and a Ruby side volume and Personal monthly PV of 7,500 in all 12 months. 😀
            Anyway, I would like to have an Emeraldship like that. Don’t even insist on Founders Emerald. 😀 😉

  4. Hi,
    just a quick note: The income figures released for Western Europe (€ 135,247 (average)/€ 193,472 (highest)) are not for “Founders Diamonds and above”. They are for Founders Diamonds category only and therefore don’t include income of EDCs and above.

  5. “First is that North American Emeralds and Diamonds are significantly better compensated than their Amway Europe counterparts. This was one of the complaints of former UK Diamonds Jerry and Mandy Scriven.”

    First, these North American figures include GI bonuses.
    Second,these are 2009 figures. Were such bonuses in effect at the time of the Scrivens’ complaint?

      1. Considering that the GI bonuses include “mentor bonuses” of $75K for Emeralds and $250K for Diamonds, I don’t think comparing a year with these bonuses (2009) to a year w/o these bonuses (2008) is valid.
        In 2008, I don’t think N.A. Founders Diamonds and Founders Emeralds were making (on average) the money they were making in 2009, since these annual GI bonuses were not available to them.
        So in 2008, N.A. Founders Emeralds were (on average) if you subtract the $75K, were making very similar to what the European Emeralds were making.
        In regards to Founders Diamonds and above it is not as clear cut, since this average includes all the pin levels above Diamond. You’d have to have more data, such as the number of each higher pin in each market to compare.
        Regardless, the point is that there is plenty of money to be made in the Amway business, at multiple levels, in multiple markets. 🙂

  6. I am still an “Active distributor” by that definition.

    But I guess that makes sense. “Once a distributor, always a distributor.” 🙂

  7. Holy cow! I would like to see the business structure of a Platinum that made almost a million dollars. The highest paid Platinum made more than the highest paid Emerald!

    Secondly, does this seem odd for a Business Opportunity Brochure in the year 2011?


    “Approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be “active.”

    “Active” means an IBO attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway Independent Business Ownership Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000.”


    “…in the year 2000”?????

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