Vitamins can increase risk of death?

You may have seen various news reports today about a Danish study on antioxidants. Headlines state things like Vitamins may increase risk of death – study. Well, I've obtained a copy of the actual study. It was a meta-analysis, meaning it reviewed lots of other studies and tried to do an overall analysis. The researchers' conclusion? 

Treatment with beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E may increase mortality. The potential roles of vitamin C and selenium on mortality need further study.

The study is titled Mortality in Randomized Trials of Antioxidant Supplements for Primary and Secondary Prevention: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis by Bjelakovic (27) and published in the February issue of JAMA – the Journal of the American Medical Association

Now, let me say upfront I'm not a fan of this type of study. Meta-analysis can easily be confounded by the different types of studies included. For example, two-thirds of the studies included in the Bjelakovic paper involved people with heart disease, cancer or other risks who were being treated to see if the supplements helped. In other words, they were being used to see if vitamins, and in particular anti-oxidants, were an effective treatment – not whether they had a preventative effect. It's already been fairly well established that, for example, beta-carotene has a negative effective on mortality of smokers. There's even been a possible mechanism for this established. Treatment studies are not necessarily applicable to prevention. The studies also covered an enormous range of dosage. The Vitamin A studies included had dosages ranging from 1333 to 2 IU (American RDA for adult males is around 3IU/day). Some studies also gave mutliple supplements, some gave single supplements. All in all, in my opinion, the extreme lack of homogeneity raises questions about the validity of a meta-analysis approach.

Having said all of that, there is one section at the end of the study that is of interest to Nutrilite and Nutriway users and Quixtar and Amway IBOs –

Because we examined only the influence of synthetic antioxidants, our findings should not be translated to potential affects of fruits and vegetables.

One of the key features of Nutrilite and Nutriway products is the use of plant concentrates rather than synthetics. When the science supports it, some synthetics are used to boost levels of particular nutrients, but the key ingredients come not out of a chemistry laboratory but from fruits and vegetables. That's the Nutrilite Difference and probably one of the reasons why Nutrilite keeps topping consumer satisfaction surveys.


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  1. Hi I took anway Iron folic ,multivitamin and omega 3 through out my pregnancy. Now I have a baby who is one month old born very dark .vMy friends say it’s due to the Iron folic the baby goes dark .is this true pls can someone tel me if u have experienced any similar instances.and also do tel me if the colour would change as the baby grows

    1. No, Iron Folic is not going to make a baby “dark”. And yes, people’s skin, hair, and eye colours can and do change as they get older. If you have health concerns about your child, speak to your doctor!

  2. I have been taking Amway multi vitamins, omega and coenzyme 10 for a month now. I developed very sore, swollen knee joints, and very swollen feet with painful ankles and burning soles of my feet. I stopped taking these tablets, for 3 days now and these symptoms are slowly improving. What would be causing my reaction to these products? Please reply, thank you.
    Dee Kirby

  3. amway nutrilite daily cause any sideeffect plz tell me? and it really work it totally natural or not plz reply

    1. Interesting article, and some supplements and vitamins have been linked to hepatitis before. Having said that it’s a single case report (previous supplement associated outbreaks have involved hundreds of cases) and the paper has some inaccuracies – ie they claim a “lack of data describing manufacturing procedures” which isn’t at all true about Nutrilite. They also play the old anti-supplement canard of a “lack of regulation” in dietary manufacturing, which also simply isn’t true, in particular with companies like Amway which manufacture to USP GMP standards.

      Still, as I say, one should never forget the importance of N=1 … every individual is different and process and react to things in different ways. This was a very elderly lady (92!) with numerous existing health conditions and taking numerous drugs. So I have no concerns at all regarding hepatoxicity of Double X for the general pubilc.

  4. My name is lee riley I’m an I.B.O. For amway and. I’ve find most of the products quite ok. As well as customers but the info u gave up futher is quite intrested and I appericate that u took the time out along side other’s to complete this study.. My email is

  5. Hi There,

    My 4 year kid is having iron deficiency and gets infection very easily.Is there any amway product which can be given to 4 yr old kid to improve his immunity & iron deficiency.For few months I gave him Amway Kids Drink but do not see any significant improvement in his health.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Do you have the kids chewable iron in your market? It’s good for maintenance, but probably not enough to get him out of deficiency. See your doctor about that. Ensure he’s also getting enough C as it’s crucial for iron absorption.

    2. please start using kids drink avl in different flavours. along with multi vitamins chewable.for stronger immunity. if given for a prolonged duration results are self explanatory.

    3. I’m not sure what country you’re in. If available, I recommend the Nutrilite Kids Chewable C for support of your child”s immune system, bones, and teeth. And the Nutrilite Kid’s Chewable Fruits & Veg to provide the phytonutrients that may be missing from their diet. If he/she is not already taking a multivitamin, the Nutrilite Kids Multitart will provide 100% of the U.S. Daily Value of 19 vit and minerals.

    4. dear Juhi Nutrilite® Kids MultiTarts or/and Nutrilite® Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables together with kids vitamin C

      i believe they really help to improve kid’s any deficiency and boost up their immune system as well. I use multitarts and kids C for my kids and really seen great improvement in their immunity. i believe fruits and vegetable chewable tabs will help your child too. here are some copy and pasted details about kids multitarts
      Kids need the essential vitamins and minerals in MultiTarts®. Here’s how they work to support your healthy kids!

      Vitamin A: Helps to maintain eyesight, skin, membranes and immune function.
      The B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, folic acid, niacin, and pantothenic acid): These are vital in helping the body’s metabolic functions.
      Vitamin C: Antioxidant for the maintenance of good health and helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums.
      Vitamin D: Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.
      Vitamin E: Antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.
      Vitamin K: Helps in the maintenance of bones.
      Magnesium: Helps in tissue formation and proper muscle function.
      Zinc: Helps to maintain healthy skin, the formation of connective tissue and helps maintain immune fuction.
      Iron: Helps to form red blood cells and helps in their proper function.
      Calcium: Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.

  6. Hi

    I was having severe Ribs pain shoulder blade pain and stabbing back ache, for me the starting of spondilities too my friend suggested to take Amway product like cal mag d, salmon omega, glucosamine, natural b and nutrilite taking all this in a day for month is good. Please suggest.
    request your reply.

  7. Hi .. When i was expecting for 2nd child, i took vit B, C, D, E, iron folic, salmon omega, positrim and protein. Before pregnant i took iron folic and vit c only. I was sore throat and cought bcos i drink less water. After my baby born, He is very quiet, no make any noises, his daily routine was sleep and sleep. Very easy to taker, and now he is 5 yo, very clever and fast respond. He is very obedient. Tq to amway

    1. If you are D3 deficient, I recommend Nutrilite Vit D which provides 2000IU of Vit D3, as well as Vit K2, which helps support the transfer of calcium from the bloodstream to the bones. This product contains the same form of Vit D as you would get from sun exposure – in the amount equal to 20 glasses of milk

  8. a friend recently started taking double x twice a day , is experiencing light headedness and blood in his bm yesterday….he use to only take the bvitamin portion…last 2 weeks he has been taking the other 2 tablets in each packet… it too much iron ?// He does not take medications

    1. I doubt there’s enough iron to cause issues from the XX, and very doubtful it’s causing blood in BM. That can be a serious medical issue, I suggest he sees a doctor as soon as possible.

    2. Double X has plant concentrate which is very good at repairing our cells. So when someone took the Double X at the beginning, they will experience some symptoms maybe like running nose, headache, tiredness and etc. This is because Double X is doing its work to help their body to recover and gets better. Why it makes you feel tired is because when you are tired, you feel like resting. When you start resting, that’s the best time for your body to repair as everyone knows when you rest, you feels better after that.

  9. Can I pls get a copy of the complete study mentioned in the article above even though it is a meta study. Would like to understand the detailed.

  10. I have been using neutrilite since last 2 years as a result I felt a relief from Constipation.If I leave it ,I again statrt suffering from constipation.

    1. Once you have felt relief from your old constipation. Now let your body work on it without any supplements. Let it be natural.

    2. depends on your eating style & living style. if you are performing night shift working avoid eating inthe odd night times.drink more water, along with fiber.stay healthy.

    3. I suggest you increase you fiber intake. Fiber retains water, resulting in softer stools and so prevents constipation. A high fiber diet also reduces the risk of colon cancer, perhaps by speeding the rate of your bowel movements and by keeping the the digestive tract clean. Nutrilite also has 2 products that support Disgestive Health and they are Nutrilite Disgestive Probiotics and Nutrilite Fiber Powder

    1. In any case, donot use any expired medicines. It may cause ill effects on your health either may be for long term.

  11. Im taking cal mag D & tri iron folic from one month, since then im finding it difficult to reduce weight & experiencing swelling mainly on face & body as well. Ive been doing gym & yoga now but unable to see any weightloss results. Is it because of cal mag and tri iron?

    1. drinking enough water with supplements will sure serve the purpose. follow pl. for proper balance of supplements to blood, water to be consumed in enough propotions

  12. Hi
    I have been consuming bioc and daily for a very long time and yes in terms of immunity and other health benefits I have seen positives from the product but I gave it a break for few months and starting it again now, since a few weeks I take bioc and calmag. I have had a sudden weight gain and I felt that way coz its the only new change in my routine. Is there a chance its bcoz of these supplements.

  13. Please reply my msg only experienced medical guys . Its my request :

    Few days back i tested my blood . cholesterol level is too high ( S. Total cholesterol :- 331 mg/dl , Triglycerides :- 375 mg/dl, LDL 224 mg/dl , VLDL:- 75 mg/dl

    Doctor has prescribed Tablet called Rostar for 3 months (daily one tab) and normal exercise
    I consulted my family doctor , he said not to take the tab , prepare diet list and do exercise regularly , after a month , based on the report , can decide to take tab

    Now i am doing proper Diet and also thinking to take omega 3 (amway) as suggested by my neighbor.

    Please suggest me whether i can take omega 3 (amway) product ? only one course (2 month) .

    1. Hi Pradip, Myself Partha Acharya, Nutritionist from NHI. Your family doctor is right. No need to take medicines as you can get the best of the best results by changing your daily routines & adding Food supplements in regular basis. 1st of all good decision for Omega 3 ( Nutrilite) but take it two times during food ( while taking food in morning/ noon or night). If you take CH Balance (Nutrilite) the you will get the best result that you are badly needed. Avoid Latex food / sleepy food, Alcohol( if ) and cold drinks. Taking red meet is also very harmful for you. Eat plenty of Vegetables & Fruits. For furthers details you can call me @ 09774307530. Bye. Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy.

  14. Hello, Are there any side effects to amway’s nutrilite hair, skin and nails vitamin? And is it FDA approved?

    1. Why would it need FDA approval?
      Checking the ingredients it doesn’t appear to have any that commonly have negative side effects, though of course each individual is different. I met someone today allergic to lemons!

    2. no doubt amway food suppliments are look like vitamins but if u start taking it then stop taking u r going to near death
      that`s it nothing other than that
      there is no other side effects of any other medicine as amway products will give u


  15. I just found out I am pregnant. Only 6 six weeks so far. I’ve been taking Double X vitamin supplement for a few months and always feel great from it. Is it safe for my baby? My doctor has prescribed folic acid. Is it safe to take both?

  16. hi,
    i m using Amway nutilite daily and hair, skin and nails tabs every day since a month now. i feel lil heavy stomach and sum burps prob.Please tell me is there any side effect of taking these tabs. since 15 days i get head ache eevery day in d evening i got me eye side cehckup doen and as result i found i got number in both the eyes. is that because of using these tab.plzz help me 🙂

    1. Indian people eat most nutrition food compared to other countries so please do not take anything faltu like nutrilite…..

      1. From UNICEF
        In India 20 per cent of children under five years of age suffer from wasting due to acute undernutrition. More than one third of the world’s children who are wasted live in India.
        Forty three per cent of Indian children under five years are underweight and 48 per cent (i.e. 61 million children) are stunted due to chronic undernutrition, India accounts for more than 3 out of every 10 stunted children in the world.

        From Rao, Shobha (2001), Nutritional status of the Indian population

        it is necessary to discuss some strategies required for improving the nutritional status of our people

        1. But poor people can’t go with amway products. It is not affordable for poor people. Only rich people are taking amway products.

      2. Agree..these amway tablets have mde me gain weight, these are full of starch. I repent taking amway supplements.

    2. Interesting, my parents and I are starting to think Amway is a horrible product to recommend, because they rip me off with a laptop deal, now also with a stool problem, that although I can’t suspect nutrilite products are the culprit since its been about 1 year since I stopped taking them

      1. David, Amway doesn’t sell laptops. In some countries they have deals with “partner stores” that offer all sorts of things, including laptops, but obviously it’s up to the buyer to check the deal out. And blaming Nutrilite for a stool problem you’ve got when you’re not even taking Nutrilite products? Sorry, but that’s ridiculous.

        1. Sorry you’re wrong. Amway did in deed sell everything including lap tops, and it wasn’t from a partner store. They did this til about 5 to 7 years ago.

    3. Reduce ur dosage to every 3-4 days w/a day between each day r 2 days between dah next time u take them. I, myself do dah same dosage, as well.

  17. I have been taken positrim to lose my weight in healthy way…I’m still walking, do some exercise and take regular meal ( example take breakfast+positrim, lunch+no positrim, bread + poistrim for dinner)
    My weight is 60kg..ideal weight is 50-55kg

    a) i there any side effects of positrim?
    b) I’m intended to take Nutrilite BIo-C for skincare prob and multivitamin for extra energy…is it ok due to medical perspective?

    1. Hi,

      Better avoid breakfast, take alone positrim for 15 days and same way stop eating bread and take positrim for 15 days. Then after that , take positrim only once a day for 2 and half months. You will find the better results.
      Yes it is fine to Bio C, as it helps in many ways and ok to take multivitamin

    2. Please regularise the intake by like this . Take positrim in two halfs with one hour interval of one pack content in the morning avoiding breakfast. have normal lunch. and light dinner preferably chapaties or roti. do normal exercises what you r doing now. my weight has come down by about 10 kgs without any fatigue. sangeetha

  18. I am very lean,(age 22) so i want to use Amway products to build some body… is it safe to take or any side effects??

    1. Amway products are generally very safe when used according to instructions, but with anything there’s always a risk of allergic reactions in a very small percentage of people.

  19. Dear Sir,

    I used to take Amway Products like Nutrilite & Cal Mag D. After about 2 years of its intake, I stopped it about 7 months back. Now I am suffering from Osteoporosis. I am 41 years of age. My doctor has again asked me to continue these products as supplements. I wonder whether these are addictive.

    1. Well, feeling healthy can certainly be psychological addictive. If you mean physically addictive – well their essential nutrients, your body needs them. These nutrilite products are based on real food, so they’re “addictive” they same way food is.

      But not the way illegal drugs are, no.

  20. I’m taking Amway Nutralites products from last one and half months (like Cal Mag, Ginseng, Parsenelium,F & V, Daily, Protien,Salmon Omega). But after one week of taking these supplements my stool/faeces colors changes to brownish black and still same problem I’m facing. I went for stool routine test and also occult blood tests but all reports are normal. I want to ask anyone who knows about this and it it is a positive sign or a negative one?

  21. I have started Double-X a week ago. And I found that I often feel dizzy and headache. I feel strange taking it but I didn’t notice much on the energy level. Maybe because I got so dizzy and my head getting heavy all day. Not sure if this something to do with my med (Zoloft-antidepressant)?.

  22. If you have any side effects with Double X, I suggest lower the dosage. I only have quarter of what they recommend plus two tablets of CalciumMagD and I feel so healthy and great. My energy level is excellent. All the body pain and the joint/arm pains I have been having for several years have all gone. If you can add healthy diet plus the exercise, you’ll feel the result. For children’s brain, amway has Omega DHA that’s so great for brain development weather for children, adults or for elderly who have mental disorders, i.e. alzhimer’s disease.

  23. Hi, can you give me an advice of what Amway vitamins/supplement can I give to my son to boost up his IQ,so that he can concentrate more to his study in school.


    1. If only it were so simple! Have your son take a blood test to see if he’s low in any of the basic vitamins and minerals. Low levels of many of them, including iron or B-vitamins, can contribute to concentration problems. The first step to fixing problems is always to look at his diet. How is his intake of fruit & vegetables? How about oily fish? Lack of omega-3 – or too much omega-6 – has been linked to concentration problems.

      Consider issues like that and address dietary and lifestyle issues. Supplementing with something like Daily or Double X, along with Omega-3, may also help.

      Be aware nutritional issues can take months to improve though.

      1. Is the Folic Acid in Double X sufficient for someone who is planning to get pregnant?

        Thank you in advance

  24. hi i purchased attitude whitening cream with toner and cleanser…. is that product good or will it cause any side effects…. waiting for a quick reply…. someone help me out…

    1. Artistry is a world-reknowned brand and does extensive testing on their products, but it’s impossible to claim there’ll never be any side effects with any individual. Some people are allergic to all sorts of otherwise common and harmless ingredients.

  25. I just started taking these Amway multivitamin and feel wierd, lightheaded after about 15-30 min of taking them. Is this normal? I paid for them so im kind of disappointed. Thanks

    1. I’ve never heard of that before. Bit hard to know what it might be without more info, such as which product it is. Could be anything from placebo to niacin flush and anything in between.

    2. I also felt some side effects inlcuding insomnia and icreased heart beat. I tested it two three times and everytime felt the same. After stopping it;s fine. All these products are made in india and the amway executive promotes them by saying they are made in US.

      1. some of the promoters may be confused you. amway never tells it is made in usa. it is made in india.and now in tamilnadu amway itself building the self plant.

  26. Can pregnant ladies have Bio C ( Amway product)? my wife has severe cold and she is 5month preg carrying twins. So everytime she sneezes, pressure is on stomach. I want to know if she can have the Bio C. any side effects on babies inside?

    Quick reply will sincerely be appreciated.

  27. Dear Sir,
    I need your explanation on the following:

    1. What is Amway multivitamin (Nutrilite) or any other vitamins?
    2. Do you have side effects for taking any Amway products?


    1. The “Amway vitamins” you’re asking about is Nutrilite Double X, the number one multivitamin on the market. As you’ve seej in previous posts, it is not made from synthetics, but from plant concentrates. Double X contains over 33 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

  28. I have been taking Amway vitamins for years. Today I need to know on Vitamin E what 30UI,means? What is the mg’s on this? I have a medical reason for asking.

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