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“This business is about opportunity for people who want something more than what they have … and are willing to work for it, to learn, to grow, to develop themselves and others, to build something of lasting value, to free themselves from the tyranny of need and want, to embrace independence and self-determination, and to achieve financial freedom.” – Jim Dornan

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  1. So I was very close to joining amway. I decided to not continue because I had more question then they could answer. I went to one of their big events witch was the same as all of their other events. Successful stories and blah blah blah. Oh and on one of their speakers specifically said. It’s thinkers outside the box that make it successful in this business. It’s actually that same reason why I was told I was no longer welcome to continue with them. Ok. So I was supposed to meet this big time mentor who was driving from Edmonton to calgary. Which is a three hour drive. I sat and listen to yet another successful story for two hours. How they are debt free and have so much free time to enjoy their time. Two hours. The mentor from Edmonton, don’t showed up to meet with me until late later during the calgary presentation. And guess what was the excuse. He could not make it earlier. Because he had to drive from Edmonton. Ok. Let’s review. They claim. Financial freedom. Ok. Let’s say. Mentor goes to bed at 3am Wakes up at 1pm that’s ten hours of sleep. Add 3 hours drive. Say he leaves Edmonton at 3 pm. He should arrive in calgary at 6. Well he arrive at ten at night. Remember when they say. It’s people with an open mind who are successful, well I was open minded about this. And I was successfully shown out the door for questioning. Hey. I am going to sell for them. And they pay me a low percentage of every sale They keep the higher percentage. They don’t want open minded people. They want you to join. Pay them a monthly fee and you can quit anytime. They already got your fifty dollars. They don’t give a rat ass if you leave. Pay them first then quit it’s their motto. Imagine. If they can get 500 people in one room. 300 of them continue and are the “appropriate candidate” they don’t question. Just pay the membership fee of 50 dollars. Want to do some math with me. That’s what they say. I think every speaker are taught to say the same lines. 300 people times 50 is. 15,000 a day. They do this trough out the country. Listen. Their business is to recrouit new members, can you imagine how many new members sign with them a year. And yeah the savings are great, have fun saving on everyday items like toilet paper. Tooth brush Save a few cents but you have to have to be at their conference everytime. And listen to the boring successful story. And if you want to be a member. Do not even think about questioning their business approach. Even if they say. It’s the people who think outside the box are the one who succeed. They forgot to mention. That they succeed a ticket real fast out of their organization Listen. Nothing. On earth is given to you. No free money. No free advice. If someone gives me a car for free. I am locked to given that person a free car ride whenever they asked me to. So you can that freedom?? If I seek an item. And only make minimum percentage of the sale. And you call that financial freedom? Really. What if you sold 100 candy bars. And you keep 1% of those sales. Then I sell 100 of those same candy bars. And I keep 100% of those sales. Who ends up withy he financial freedom. See it’s not how much you sell. It’s what you sell. Be smart. But do not sell for someone else who will only give you a certain percentage. Financial freedom is creating a product that is almost mandatory. Selling that product and keeping 100% of the profit. Not 3% or 9 % Keeping 100% profit. Oh yeah and don’t forget your monthly fee. So you keep 2% of the sale. Yeah 5 years sure seems very nice. Good luck paying a fee to sell. Listen. I can buy a hot dog cart. Pay a fee to the city s I can get a permit to sell and out of everything I sale. The government tax me. Do what is the different here? Please someone explain. I just might be wrong

    1. Henry,
      (1) I’ve no idea what your point is on the mentor and “time”
      (2) “they pay me a low percentage of every sale they keep the higher percentage” – that’s very rarely true. Depending on the product and volumes, if following RRP, ABOs in North America get from around 20% to 58% on each retail sale they do, upline shares between 6% and 32%.
      (3) Upline makes no money at all on membership fees. Amway only covers costs.
      (4) The vast majority of ABOs don’t go to conferences at all, so clearly you don’t have to be at conferences every time. Just as clearly I did much better at University when I went to classes than when I didn’t. “Stories” are actually one of the most effective ways of learning.
      (5) Freedom doesn’t come from sales, it comes from resales in which you no longer pay a part in the transaction but still earn a commission. You can’t do that with a hot dog cart. You might be able to do it by buying a bunch of hot dog carts, hiring them out or taking a percentage of sales, and then hiring someone to manage it all for you.

  2. Shaun. Im happy for the whalens. But this is the first diamond in 6 years in na and in fact this is cananda. Ample evidence this business is almost impossible. Also no doubt the whalens like most other diamonds will not requalify for long. You can make a small income from this business but the big incomes just dont happen except for a few.

    1. Vincent, “this business is almost impossible”? There have been over a thousand new platinums every year in North America the last few years. First Diamonds in 6 years? There have been dozens of Diamonds, not just the Whalens. Furthermore, many of those Diamonds have gone on to qualify Founders Diamond and higher – ie they are requalifying. You’re entitled to your own opinion, you’re not entitled to your own facts.

      1. Thanks ibofightbacker for the comment. Indeed i was limiting my facts to the wwdb organisation only. I accept your facts there have been diamonds in other groups in NA. Not many as you confirm. And as you say some do move to founder diamond but again not many. I assume the rest fall back. But as i said i wish them well. Years of work to get there and you will agree its a tough grind. So they deserve any reward they get.

  3. Just to let you know guys that Amway is genearting their business here in the Philippines.It was embrace by filipino people but all of the sudden I just heard that Amway product is not good and it’s no longer operating here in the Philippines. How true is that?

  4. I really need the blog owner to contact me privately, I have just discovered all this stuff Cheryl has written on these blogs and it is most disturbing. If you want the truth about Cheryl please contact me. She is definantly out of control and of the little I could bring myself to read of her blog it is filled with blatant lies. She has no moderater or anything like that she spends all her days sitting in the bedroom writting these hate letters. I have to find a way to stop her as she has implicated myself in her lies. Please contact me

    Kerry Murphy
    I am not a part of this vulgar mess and want to clear the air

  5. Just a quick update, there was no other place to put it here. The Whalen’s out of Edmonton, Alberta have just gone into Diamond qualification within the World Wide Dreambuilders (WWDB) LOA. Since they’ve started in September with 6 legs going over 7500, and if they keep that 12 out of 12 months (which they will) they will cross stage at the 2013 FED as Founders Diamonds. If they keep growing their business like they are, it’s not far fetched to see them cross as Founders Diamonds in EDC qualification. Pretty cool to see!

    1. Hi Miguel, not that I’m aware of. I was running software to save automatic google translations of the site, but it was slowing it down too much. Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Hi all, I looked at a wonderful conversation on this topic in terms of legitimacy of business. I ask one question for the sake of the word ‘business’ (I saw many people have ‘huge business’ as written above especially R. Sundaram, Chennai). Negatives are written on any company for sure, if you are driving there is always a chance of accident. However, let us take example of Toyota, a manufacturing company, McDonald’s, a food business company and Uniliver, a diversified comapny. All these companies have had problems in the past for their products, quality customer service etc. But they all have their numbers audited by the chartered accountants and all of them are published by a government body. If Amway was to do every thing legitimate, why aren’t their numbers do not come in the above category. Forget it, why media people are ‘never allowed’ in Amway trainings or the greatest support system training. Amway in india is supposed to be part of IDSA. Then why not allow media people in atleast one of their greatest of rallies, even though they keep happening in every week, never ever they are allowed. And every IBO talks about helping the generation, why can’t you help masses for once in ten years? For that matter, press conference is called when there company announcements for all other businesses. And why the rules and company policies keep changing whenever there is government intervention? All other businesses only do these amendments based on government bringing new legislations, but India, for example hardly had any changes in Direct Selling legislations. Next come to selling dream and 100% success rate following system. Can anyone answer the question why there are about 60%+ attrition in the system followers if they are 100% fool proof and success guaranteed within the system?
    Mr R.Sundaram, Chennai please understand that, everyone who ‘do not do Amway’ are not failures. For that matter Amway employees are not allowed to ‘do Amway (distribution)’. Who will put the petrol in your diamond vehicle? Who will clean the garbage in your locality? Who will provide you the social security law and order legislation and all of them are failures and only Amway distributors are successful? Why everyone in an IBOs close relatives are not Amway distributors and you call them useless? Common guys, have some brain put to work beyond CDs, Boooks and functions/associations and sit back to draw income and expenditure account. If that was done by end of the year, every year (I think some petty shopkeepers do that as well) most of the IBOs would have quit within maximum of four years. If everything is so great in the teaching system tell me how many of know how do accounting in your own business. Well for products, if company avoids so many marketing channels and hardly does advertising, and has history of large scale established production set why they are not cheaper than any other comparitive products? Even if you pay to distributors, it could have been much less than market comparitive products. All above pro-Amway comments are not independent thinking but cult driven opinions, mostly duplicated from their up-lines and system associations!
    And last but not the least, when I was a core IBO (in fact until I quit) I never browsed through these web pages buddies. Please do not waste time in internet, go out and show the plan, put real efforts as long as they are in the ‘business’!

    1. (1) In countries where Amway is a public company, it does publish audited account information (eg Thailand, Malaysia). It’s a privately held company in most places. Privately held companies do not publish their accounts and aren’t require to
      (2) Past experience shows that “media people” are usually out to sensationalise things. They’ve certainly done so when they’ve snuck in to private meetings.
      (3) Where did you get the figure of a 60% attrition rate amongst “100% system followers”. Very few people who join Amway fully follow a system for even one month. Even less for the 12-18 months that’s needed to develop a decent business. In my experience the success rate in that group (typically only a few percent) is very high and the attrition rate very low.
      (4) I agree (and so does Rich DeVos and top leaders like Jim Dornan), Amway isn’t for everyone and just because someone isn’t interested doesn’t make them “useless” or a loser or whatever
      (5) Historically Amway has competed in “premium” brand categories, and their prices are usually cheaper than competitors in those categories. Dropping prices also means a drop in income for IBOs, so it’s not undertaken lightly.

    2. If you are going to call Amway a scam, find every possible useless fact to back up that claim… then get your ass out there and start researching why EVERY other traditional business opportunity is also a scam since the attrition rate in a traditional business is just as bad, if not worse than the Amway opportunity. Amway duplication as taught by WWDB and other support groups, is no different than franchising. Business success is based off your attitude, ability to learn and duplicate or apply, ability to handle failures then get up and keep trying, and other skills and attitudes not taught to the bourgeois

      The fact that admit that you ‘QUIT’ nullifies ALL your opinions, facts and assumptions about the Amway business opportunity. It is a known fact that 90%+ businesses (whether traditional, franchise, MLM, etc.) fail within 10 years. The very fact that you are active in trying to destroy all the dreams of others who DO have the juice for this business, is exactly what WWDB teaches to ignore and pity.

      Don’t go off blaming the system because YOU quit. The fact is… YOU QUIT. You didn’t persevere. You didn’t toughen it out. You didn’t go do the real legwork required to make it happen. You did not take responsibility for your actions. YOU QUIT AND BLAME AMWAY.

      LOSER ! ! ! and quitter!!!

      The day I quit if ever, I will not go off and tuck my balls into my purse and blame it on Amway. I will swallow my pride and take responsibility for myself and say “I” quit… not “Amway” failed me. I know my flaws and weaknesses… but at least I am intelligent to know I can improve.

      And for your info, as a self-employed single woman, working 80 hours a week, I am rather slow to build my Amway business as I was building my first business (1 year by the way). But I got up off my ass, went out and got my front line, attended the meetings, learned everything I could, listened to my upline on what works (and btw- f*ck your brainwashing claim… smart people don’t get brainwashed….. dumb people do). And I helped my frontline grow. I don’t blame nobody but myself and my circumstances for the lack of haste at which I am growing…. but guess what.. I’m not going to be a pu**y and “quit”!

      Amway is NOT FOR QUITTERS (aka failure by choice)
      Amway is NOT FOR PU**IES
      Amway is NOT FOR SHEEP

      And for your information, we don’t allow outsiders to our meetings because the meetings are for those who want to build the business, not for outsiders to come in and steal the ideas, or find more ways to critique and slam the process. Not for losers who want to use it against us. I don’t want outsiders and their negativity sitting by me in a meeting. I don’t want that energy in the room. I want to be around winners who are willing to step out of the rat race, think outside the box, man up and take responsibility for their lives and actions, men who want to be real me, women who want to be real women.

      You quit…… that makes you a quitter… and that makes everything you say pointless, useless and matterless. You wouldn’t go out and ask a baseball fan for tips on how to get on a pro team when he only sat on the bench in highschool, never the less played for a pro team? So why should anyone care what you have to say about the Amway opportunity?

      1. you are a winner, i enjoyed your honesty. im 81 years young been in the buiness sence 02/1986. worked 12hrs a day conductor alaska railroad. went emerald 3years later. stopped readind ect, went 1000 pv last month wow. my fault. i had the best of the best teachers jeff moore, jack daughery doug sommers. could not ger better then that!! what happen, I dont know but i am not going to quit. c o p d slow me down maybe rick whiteside

  7. I have been an independent business owner for 3 years, I am 22 years old and am proudly apart of the BWW (BRITT World Wide) Team, and have a huge successful team growing. Most of the comments I seen below were from the other team “World Wide”, and some of them seem to have different results or may take them longer to have success. I am proud to be apart of BWW because of the great mentor-ship I get, whether its from my upline, books, or CDs. This organization has helped me grow myself not only as a business owner but as a person. My advice to anyone that is not apart of this business is if you get the opportunity to see the business plan, it wont hurt to just take a look at it. When I first saw the business plan it seemed too good to be true. I was so skeptical because there are so many scams in the world today (especially online) you can never be too careful. I did everything I could to prove my friend (who was an IBO) that it was a scam. I finally gave in and faced the truth that it is not a scam, only a great way to help yourself reach true financial freedom, plus it has already been checked out by the FTC. I am happy I did that because I now do not wake up to an alarm clock, and I am my own boss. So if your seeing this, doing your research as I once did. From one normal human being to another, I highly recommend this opportunity.

  8. I suspect part of this perception comes from the way the business is explained. Anyway, Amway, or even owning your own business, is not for everyone, but make sure you make your decision for the right reasons. For just one example, with Amway often far more of the money from each product stays with the “small business” in the local community (ie the distributors) than does with other small businesses, who often pay a much larger share of their revenues to their suppliers. So not a right reason not to do Amwa

  9. i am in this bussnies thanks to my friend eli hes the one who show me this bussnies i am 43 yars old and i amlost in gold thank you amway u rock for me and everone

  10. So I was asked to attend a meeting from a client of mine two weeks ago. I was introduced to his sponsor, david, and we did a meet and greet at a local coffee shop. He asked me all about myself, my hopes and dreams and generally felt comfortable talking to me about his success with (peak preformance I believe he called it the first time). At the end of the session, he gave me a cd from the author of “rich dad, poor day” and we set up another meeting.

    I took a listen at home and went to the second meeting wanting to know more.
    There he gave me all the nitty gritty details about the steps to success and how to supposedly, “make my money work for me.” As far as I could tell, this looked like a leveraging pyramid scheme. I was almost roped into one before in University called Vector or something like that, I thought.

    After the end of introducing the products, the steps and loyalty points, it seemed too good to be true. The guys who gave me this information are really nice…don’t know them well enough to know for sure, but after reading these posts, there still seems like there is a catch. I tried asking them about the web portals and advertising but it seems like they expect you, at first at least, to buy the products to create a profit. I know this isn’t the goal in the end..you want others to buy through you so that you get the referral commissions and loyalty checks.

    One post said Amway’s IBOs don’t rely on recruiting other IBOs to make a profit..which is the complete opposite of how I was told I could make 60-70k within a years time.

    I guess I just wanted to share this introductory experience I had with Amway’s IBOs with people and see what people’s impression about what this corporation is all about. Hopefully this sparks some legitimate discussion about Amyway.

    And lastly, I just wanted to say that I don’t think I will be joining the Amway team. I am a very positive and optimistic person but I am not for Corporations…no matter how much money i could make from them, I would still rather buy products from small businesses that create an economy for the surrounding community.

    1. J-Bone, if a store employs sales people are they “relying on recruiting to make a profit”? Or are they relying on recruiting (an expense in time and money) in order to increase sales volume and leverage time? If recruiting people to leverage their time and increase sales volume makes something a pyramid scheme, then there’s an awful lot of pyramid schemes around!

      I suspect part of this perception comes from the way the business is explained. Anyway, Amway, or even owning your own business, is not for everyone, but make sure you make your decision for the right reasons. For just one example, with Amway often far more of the money from each product stays with the “small business” in the local community (ie the distributors) than does with other small businesses, who often pay a much larger share of their revenues to their suppliers. So not a right reason not to do Amway 🙂

      1. “Increasing sales volume” is the same exact thing as recruiting to make more money. Your up line makes money off of your recruits/”sales volume” TRUE OR FALSE?

        1. TRUE, Missy. Now, what is your point?

          STP. See the people. Sell the products. Show the plan.

          The original Nutrilite/Amway plan was to find customers and turn some of them into distributors. Then, help them to do the same. Duplication, plain and simple. The best distributors came from happy customers.

          Duplication generates additional income. Help people to help themselves. When you have helped enough others to get what they want you can profit in a big way. The money comes from Amway, not out of their pockets. A win-win situation.

    2. In case you didn’t know, buying products from a local store is a pyramid scheme in itself. Except that the profits are made upon purchasing directly from the level below. One level buys bulk from level above, then hopefully makes a profit as it sells to the level below. With the retailer paying for all the profits paid out already…. and retail potentially may not sell.

      Manufacturer x1 (let’s say it’s in China for example)
      – International distributor warehouses that buy bulk
      – Retailers in proximity to that warehouse x 10
      – Main distributor warehouses in other countries X 100
      – Regional distributor warehouses in various cities
      – thousands of retail centers
      – thousands to millions of consumers

      It’s a pyramid ! ! ! !

      In the Amway distributorship (and it’s newer online model), the consumer purchases the product directly from the manufacturer, and then the profits are distributed to the upline and IBO who sold the product. IBO has the option to buy bulk and potentially sell, but this is no longer required, as you can now do “drop ship” which is what some traditional manufacturers offer, but mostly it’s for larger ticket items like electronics.

      Just a bit of education on understanding how “pyramid scheme” is a natural form of the manufacturer-to-consumer business model

  11. In my first month I reached my pv/bv. I have no other income. Just the drive to not have to work for a dumb boss. I will be diamond before you know it. Btw I havent spent a fortune and im already getting a bonus. If you know you will succeed itll happen. If you want someone else telling you what to do and how to do it everyday then go be happy with your jobs and bosses. If you really have nothing positive to say then say it in the mirror and be negative by yourself.

  12. I am an IBO for two months now.I love using the products of amway,especially nutralites because its stops me from going to pharmacy thinking of the good medicine to treat illnesses sometimes.Nutralites really love life not just live life.And to all people i hope you can also discover about the good benefits of it.When it comes in acheiving goals of amway has offered,it really defends on ourselves already if we work it out just like many acheivers do.If not then dont blame the company or the network 21.It is not scam and im sure of it.Networking is just a concept for the bussiness to grow.So be part if it now!

  13. aurora,

    Unfortunately you don’t understand the difference between an employee and an owner. Do business owners pay their own health insurance? Their own vacations? Their own 401k’s? Of course, then if they can afford it, they pay for yours too.

    I agree we should all be grateful for what we have, including our jobs. However, when you build the business properly, then your expenses are paid for by the profits. I’ve maintained a small Amway biz for years now, and my profits do exceed my expenses. In December of last year, I didn’t work the biz very hard, maybe a total of 10 hours and my expenses were about $150. However, my bonus and retail profits came in at a nice $1,000. I think that’s a good return on the time invested.

    1. LOL…. you already are a sheep.

      You go to work, clock in, do you hours, take your break or lunch, go back to work, clock out, drive home, do your thang at home, got to bed, sleep, wakeup and do it all over again.


      Don’t think for a second that just because you “choose” your career or place to work, that you are not a sheep. If that weren’t the case, why do you have managers and bosses? Why do we have police? Why do we have government? Why are there rules?

      Because people are sheep in general. Some of us are just black sheep ! !

      At least with Amway, it rounds you up into a group where you can learn to not have to work at a normal job. IT’s just too bad there are too many white sheep ruining the name of MLM and Amway, deterring potential black sheep from their greatness


      1. Jo, I think you missed Moon’s point. Do you follow a good shepherd? Good IBOs usually follow a good mentor. Moon is offering good advice; if you are inclined to take it.

      2. You sound so stupid. Your up line and mentors tell you exactly what to do, they tell you to do what they do and don’t deter from those methods. They tell you you have to come to meetings, you have to buy CDs and books, they set expectations and standards you have to achieve. I’m sorry last time I checked a REAL business owner isn’t told what to do by anybody! BTW where are you now?

        1. Last I checked I not only don’t have to do what my upline and mentors suggest – I don’t. Last I checked most of my group don’t do what I suggest either. Funnily enough in another “real business” I have where I’m working with a startup incubator the mentors have given me some tasks to do too. Haven’t done them yet (either).

          Smart business owners take advice from successful people. They also take responsibility for their own decisions. If you joined Amway and didn’t do that, then that’s on your head, not Amway’s.

  14. It never worked for me…I have no head for business, anyway, so this is really for those who will put time and effort into making it successful…I know I can never succeed…I don’t enjoy having to recruit IBOs…plus I lost $$$ in this type of business…not for me…good luck, IBOs!!!

    1. A real person taking responsibility for his status and not blaming the opportunity. I wish you luck in whatever you do Jay. A million blessings to you.

      But just so you know, I hated recruiting too. I don’t like most people in general. I never cared to strike up conversations with strangers or small talk with anyone. But after learning about society thru Amway, I learned TO like most people. Amway helped me with my leadership skills which made me even a better leader in my day business. My customer retention in my day business increased tenfold after a year of attending the meetings.

      I beleive that everyone who quits the opportunity simply was either not ready at that time or did not have the best upline support, or upline leadership to help you grow. Either way, you saw the opportunity and belevied in it, then couldn’t make it work for you. Most successful people had to learn from someone else. It’s not natural to be successful in society; it brainwashes people to be opposite.

      Trust me on this… I’ve tried Avon and Mary Kay and Equinox back in the 90s. The Avon and Mary Kay people just sold me the registration kit and left me hanging. In Equinox, my upline criticized me negatively on EVERYTHING I did, to the point where I couldn’t even speak to strangers…. this affected me in my normal life for 15 years. And it took the WWDB network to help me out of my shell. My sponsor was very patient and soft with me and helped me identify my weaknesses and strengths, and worked with me. Now THAT is a great sponsor. So maybe I was lucky, but not-so-ok sponsors can be molded into great sponsors with the right training and mentorship. Too bad you didn’t have that

  15. Ahh……..don’t you just love those little function sound bytes? – chase your passion, not your pension.

    They have a million of them and the longer you are in, the more you can quote.

    But these cute-sounding sayings have no basis in reality.

    Social security was never meant to take care of all your needs. It was meant as a supplement (actually is was only supposed to be a temporary deal in the 1930’s) to your other retirment plans i.e., property, investments, etc.

    You go on and on about bonuses from amway. O.K., does amway match your taxes on your profit (less expenses); does it pay vacation? health insurance? 401(k) matches? any of the above? No?

    Amway makes all businesses sound like evil men out to work you to death and kick you to the curb when they are done with you. What a crock!! Businesses pay workman’s comp. for you every month in case you get hurt on the job. Does amway do that? No. Jobs often give raises, paid sick time, vacations, flex-time, work-from-home options, etc.

    We all need to be grateful for our jobs. THEY are what pays for the expenses of amway i.e. books, tapes, functions, functions, and ever more functions.

    Oh, and your boss will pay all expenses if/when he sends you out for job training and seminars.

    I love to hear the newbie ambots spout off about the wonderfulness that is amway, assuming we were just lazy losers who didn’t work our businesses.

    Riddle me this, if we’re all so lazy, how in the world are we successful in our other jobs/professions outside of amway?

    1. AURORA
      I agree with you. You are right but amway is designed to take a care of that you own your biz, switch your mentality from employee to biz owner ……
      Good luck

    2. DUDE… Amway is NOT a JOB… it’s a “Business” Opportunity. And these days, many “jobs” do not offer those perks nor is there any guarantee that you will remain employed… after tomorrow, no matter how good of an employee you are.

      “Businesses pay workman’s comp for you every month in case you get hurt on the job. Does amway do that?”
      – No… because Amway is not an employer. And I have never heard of any IBO that got hurt on the job and was not able to talk to anyone for months after. what if you got hurt OFF the clock and couldn’t work… then what sweetheart?

      “Jobs often give raises, paid sick time, vacations, flex-time, work-from-home options, etc.”
      – raises… normally do not keep up with inflation
      – paid sick time… if you took care of yourself with proper nutritin and exercise, this wouldn’t be an issue. Also, most job people milk their sick time even when they are not sick.
      – Amway opportunity is NOT AN EMPLOYER. But Amway does do this for the actual employees working their offices and distribution points. Not the IBOs.
      – Work from home options… what do you think the Amway opportunity is?
      – When you go into business for yourself… you give up all those so-called perks for the freedom of being your own boss. Of course like any other business, you have to work your way up to the point where you are free to come and go as you please… but that is how it is with ALL traditional businesses. That is why we prefer to own a business versus working a job

      “Riddle me this, if we’re all so lazy, how in the world are we successful in our other jobs/professions outside of amway?”
      – Define success… having a job? Getting a steady paycheck that never keeps up with inflation? A job holder’s definition of success is NOT the same as a business minded person.
      – If your employer offered you a deal where you can come in any time you want, stay as long as you want, produce as much as you want… what percentage of the working population would never go to work? That is why you all have to clock in and answer to a boss. Because humans by nature are lazy!!!!!!
      – How well do you think you’d perform on the job if there were no bosses or managers? OK, maybe not you because you’re an awesome worker. How about the majority of workers who are indeed lazy? Riddle me that sweetheart!

      FYI- I am self employed. I pay my own taxes. I save up for my vacations and go when I please.. not when a boss says I can. I served in the military so I could pay for college and not have to worry about medical costs. I use the VA hospital and nearby military base hospital. I still have to pay social security even as a self employed person. Your employer might pay you your wages while on vacation, but did he pay for your vacation? Did he buy you a ticket to Hawaii? Did he also send you a check to pay for your partner taking time off too? Think about all this now!

      “Oh, and your boss will pay all expenses if/when he sends you out for job training and seminars.”
      – When you go into business for yourself… you pay for all tha
      – If you work a job, you do pay for all that… in the income discrepancy between what you are paid and what ‘you’ are actually worth.

      My deal Aurora…. you are coming from a JOB HOLDER MENTALITY. Amway is for “Business minded” people… not “job minded” people. You are not even comparing apples to oranges, but more like fruits to vegetables. They are two totally different paths towards making an living. you cannot go into business for yourself with a job mentality. And a business minded person cannot go get a job with that mentality. It just doesn’t work!

      So… feel free to go back to work. I am going to build this business and take my vacations when I want. Work when I want. Not have to worry about answering to a boss. And enjoy all the perks of knowing “I BUILT THIS” versus I only show up and work.

      1. Today is the first day of “Achievers” in warm and sunny Miami, Florida. This is an all expenses paid vacation for Amway IBOs that have worked to achieve the invitation. Amway employees, for the most part, don’t get to attend. Having an “Amway” business vs having an Amway job!!! You decide, is it worth it?

  16. i join amway 2oo9 i was ordered two time for 18oo from the my suppulier does not want to send our products on time right now im not working and i like the business and i would like to order by myself evermonth for 8oo which system i must use for me to get my products on time

  17. Rah2: Make a list of 100 to 150 people, build the business without your family, and when they see your success, they might come around. And if they don’t, you really didn’t need them anyway, did you?

  18. I went to a workshop last night and all the principles discussed appealed to me. I want what’s best for me and my family and I think that joining Amway can offer some solutions to the financial burden that we are currently facing.

    I am however experiencing difficulty in convincing my family that this is indeed a legitimate business opportunity. Their approval is important to me as I will need all the support I can get from them should I proceed with this. I cant even convince them to attend a workshop with me so that they can see for themselves what this is truly about. I can’t sit back and let this opportunity pass me by, how do I get them on board?

  19. no one says how u earn bucks. they tangle their words around success and big dream. has any one tested that success in real. i think there is something wrong.

    1. Well I have to disagree – every day in literally thousands of locations around the world, Amway and affiliated organisations hold “open plans” which give examples and explanations of exactly what you need to do to make money. IBOs generally strongly encourage prospects to attend these. As for “tested that success” – it’s a 51yr old company. There are tens of thousands of documented platinums and above, and thousands who’ve reached Diamond. Like Open Plans, people interested in investigating the business are usually strongly encouraged to come along to some meetings and meet these people.

      So I must say I’m curious as to your experience that results in such a strange post?

  20. Me first time getting into Amway, pretty much aware of the products,hope i would really make some nice money out of this business.Not really sure will i be able to market these products, at the same time im confident too. Will keep posting comment on the growth of my amway business.

  21. I will try to enroll in AMWAY for the first time. I think it is good to gain something. I feel shy or lack of confident in marketing. But it still forcible cause of unemployed status.

  22. What is the number one illness in the world today? Is it Diabetes,Cancer,Aids,Heart ailments,etc.etc.?
    The number one illness in the world today is an empty wallet!!

    Has anyone ever called you to say: “i want to teach you exactly how i made my millions”?
    In the corporate environment you trade your freedom for the security of a salary instead of profit. You get paid for the hours that you work with the occassional overtime or bonus. Corporations are not interested in your well being but only your loyalty directed towards their profits !!!
    The late & great Jim Rohn called this: “Wage employment v/s Self employment”. Corporations merely employ you – they don’t empower you !!!

    Amway is a corporation unlike any other. Why, it is a people helping people business. For a minimal investment of your money & your time, they equip you for success by your willingness to work. They have a proven plan that works – it all depends on how you work that plan. Your arm is not twisted into purchasing something. They teach you so that you learn to earn. You are put in business for yourself but not by yourself, since you are linking into an already successful business concept. For sure, you will come across some rotten apples as in any business but as Skip Ross says : “The rest of the world is made up of others. Draw inspiration from others. Not from those with attitude but from those with intellect. Stand on the shoulders of the wise”.

    With the ongoing global financial meltdown, major financial institutions & corporations sank, eventually seeking bail-outs from their respective governments, despite this gloom & doom, i am pretty sure that not a single Amway business operator was retrenched as the millions that were so suddenly layed off. Unlike the corporate world, Amway does not hire you nor can they fire you!!! Name one major corporation that rewards their best performing employees with profit sharing, royalty bonuses, leadership bonuses,overseas holidays with their spouses (all fully paid for), on an annual basis???
    Amway has the tonic to remedy the number one illness as they have been proving for the last 50 years. Even though i’ve been with the Amway fraternity for almost two years, not making mega bucks as yet, but i’ve been so energised mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually that i know within five years as of today i will be financially rewarded, since i have stopped chasing my pension & started chasing my passion!!

    Did Beethoven’s composer not tell him that he will never be able to compose??
    If i am spared through the Almighty,s grace – i will most certainly subit my comment within the five year period.


  23. Yes, it’s true that many people in multi-level marketing don’t make any money. Sort of like when you work a conventional job for 45 years and end up with nothing.

    1. Uh people who work a regular job for 45 years make more money then 99.999 percent selling Amway crap.

  24. “MLM’s economic scorecard is characterized by massive failure rates and financial losses for millions of people. Its structure in which positions on an endless sales chain are purchased by selling or buying goods is mathematically unsustainable, and its system of allowing unlimited numbers of distributors in any market area is inherently unstable”
    “Fewer than 1% of all MLM distributors ever earn a profit and those earning a sustainable living at this business are a much smaller percentage still.”

    FitzPatrick, Robert L. (August 4, 2002). The 10 big lies of multi-level Marketing, Consumer awareness institute. Retrieved 2010, 09, 18

    Amway profit statistics in the UK in 2005-2006

    agents working for Amway

    (71%) had no income

    (30%) earned something

    (of the 11,410) received average of £13.53 per year

    agents received 75 per cent of bonuses

    paid to top earner Trevor Lowe

    number of years Mr Lowe was an agent

    Source: Evidence at companies court hearing
    Brown, David (November 27, 2007). Marketing group merely “selling a dream”. The Times. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/media/article2951266.ece. Retrieved September, 17, 2010.

    1. I don’t get why people love living off statistics.

      Only 5% of the people in this world that live financially free, look how small that number is.

      Do you want to be just another statistic? Work til your 65 years old then live off retirement or do you want to AT LEAST TRY to become that 5% of the people in the world.

      Strive to be more then just a statistic.

      1. Hi Ron,
        You say not to live off statistics but then give a statistic as an example of why its not a good idea to use statistics??… But I’ll bite. By that logic you might also invest your money in lotto tickets and hope for the best. So what I’m hearing you say is that its very unlikely that people will make a profit out of Amway but you are also have to work hard to get there (as luded to in previous blogs by posoft, chris williams). You should let the IBO fightback guy do the rebuttals. His comments at least warranted some sort of reply 😉

        1. Hi Joe

          In no way I was saying you are wrong in any way, statistics are statistics and their there for a reason. If you are looking for someone to help you understand those numbers or play with numbers then maybe your right Im not the right person to reply. If you are looking to see if Amway works then maybe I am the right person to reply. IBOFightback has a lot to take care of, I thought I want to have some fun too so I’ll reply to some 🙂

          I just wanted to point out that statistics can have a good or bad effect on a person. Statistics make people hesitate or think twice before trying something (which again can be good or bad) or even chase a dream(not just in Amway).

          And I dont have to convince you that you can make money in Amway because I KNOW you can and Im sure people who do the business RIGHT knows because Im currently a Platinum and my parents are Emeralds, I can go on and on but i wont. So I guess that makes me a RARE Species. 😉

          But just like Jeffrey said right below me, you can work 45 years and end up with nothing OR you can take a chance with Amway for 10 years (still doing what your doing just adding Amway in your life), $62/YEAR, using everyday use products you WILL have to buy ANYWAYS, sharing an opportunity and gain so much more if you succeed, if not you can go back the life you were living.

          this is IMO, so I wish you the best of luck in what you do, Take Care

          1. Why do any of you reply to Joe? It’s painfully obvious that he is an idiot and will remain broke for the rest of his life. Good luck Joe; and stay negative!

    2. You know what Joe ,really get life and go find a real problem to discuss but amway biz is a way bigger than you and than your limited brain, if amway is illegal or in any way unlawful , it will never be approved by the better business bureau BBB , or amway will never partner up with big legitimate big biz such as , bestbuy , Sears, …..major cellular phone carriers,
      So stop criticizing something that you don’t know , and stop blaming others for your own failure .
      Have some guts and balls……….amway is not for everyone obviously not you I swear if.you come and ask me to Join my team I will deny you , you fall of negative …… low energy ……..
      You can’t stop the looser from loosing ,(you) and you can’t stop the winner from winning (IBOS)

  25. I never felt comfortable with the “curiosity approach,” so rather than use it and have no business volume or growth, I decided to do away with it and build a retail-based business. Is it slow going? Yes, but it IS growing. Three new customers this month, three new customers last month. I strive for a 400 PV personal circle every month. Don’t always hit it, but I strive for it. That builds profitability. I teach that to the people in my group. Some of them strive to do it, most do not, it’s their choice. For me, this business give me a good secondary income now, and that is because I can do it with confidence because I am not deceptive in my approach. I almost always lead with a product because I go for getting customers first. It might seem backwards to most IBOs, but it sure works for me.

  26. What a condescending and sarcastic rebuttal. Not to mention attacking. In true Amway nature you seem to have a total lack of understanding of ethics or morals or even how to make a compelling and respectful discussion. But I forgive you, your just trying to make money.
    1) Yes in the court of law terminology does matter however manipulating linguistics is simple and effective. Well done. “Network marketing” in its nature is a more sophisticated and refined version of pyramid sales. The term “dream selling” also comes to mind. I’ve never seen so many pictures of yachts and expensive houses. Just because its legal doesn’t make it moral or ethical. 20mins with your head inside a business text will tell you that.
    2)Making misleading and false claims about the intentions of a seminar is leading someone against their own will. Twist that around how you will. FYI this isn’t the first time I have been “Amway’ed” and the methods have been the same. I have no invested interest in this article and I have not lost any money with Amway. My only intentions are to stop others from making a huge mistake.
    3) It’s not an ethical approach but it is obviously sustainable. Quote 50 years.Yes it does tell me something. They have and do make a lot of money. The guys at the top anyway. No one is denying that. This means expensive layers and lobbyists. We all know the court system is flawed. Even murders and pedophiles get acquitted. Hitler was around for years too and we all know how that ended.

    I could write all day about the short comings of Amway and wait for the piranhas to rebut but I have a business to run. I prey that this blog helps someone avoid making costly mistakes.

    Good luck people.

    1. Well Joe…I do think, with your first comment, you threw the first punch.
      Just sayin’.
      Regardless, I’m sorry you had someone poorly represent the Amway Business and Amway IBOs. I hope you can separate a few bad apples from the rest of the bunch.
      To mention murderers, pedophiles, and Hilter along with Amway seems a wee bit dramatic. The vitriol is always fascinating to me.
      Anyway, good luck to you! 🙂

      1. Yes, he also suffered from me answering him straight after I’d been replying to someone who said I was easily intimidated! heh heh

        Joe, network marketing is a more refined model of plain old vanilla normal sales distribution. Buy more stuff, get a bigger discount, sell at a bigger margin. That’s it. Pyramid’s are about recruiting people and making money from recruiting people. That doesn’t happen in Amway, in fact the opposite often occurs – it usually costs me money to recruit people.

        As for the meeting, I agree with Bridgett, sorry if you were misled. In my experience though, many of the people who complain they were misled were not. They were invited to look at a business, or a something like that, and because they contrary to all sense, decide that because it was Amway and “pyramid sales” it wasn’t a business opportunity, just a scam, so therefore they were misled. Yes, they were misled, by whoever led them to believe Amway isn’t a legitimate, ethical, and powerful business opportunity!

        Still, people do mislead. I had a fellow in my own group turn up to a meeting with a prospect after telling him he just had to drop in to pick up some stuff. Dishonest and misleading, and it doesn’t work. He didn’t last long. If something like that happened to you, then please report the culprits to Amway.

        1. That is exactly what happened to me!
          I told the Amway rep that I’m not ready and I don’t think I want to be an IBO. He told me to go to this place so that I can return the CDs to him. After I got there, I found out that it’s actually their weekly meeting. They got me into a position that I can’t deny the fact that I’m not interested in the business. They have tactically used peer pressure to get me into this business.

          1. Just because that Ibo made a poor choice be having you show up to a plan does not mean everyone is like that. It makes amway look bad, iam sorry that happened. It was not right and i understand why you are mad, you have every right to be. Im a ibo and thus far we dont make much i still love amway. We just dont do everything how they teach me. Once i do everything i should i will make money

          2. The “Amway rep” referred to failed to do a proper interview with “Animal”. The interview process helps determine first if there is an interest. Then, the person doing the interview should discover if the “prospect” is somebody who is honest and trustworthy. Can they be counted on to keep their word. (This may take more than one day.) Can they relate to each other. They will, after all, be “business partners”. Are there accountability issues, coach-ability/attitude issues, mindset issues, etc. that indicate the prospect is not ready to become a business owner?

            During this process, if it had taken place, Animal could have determined if his potential sponsor was accountable and reliable. Only a fool would go into business with somebody they can’t count on! (This goes both ways.)

            Animal had every right to be upset over the way he was treated. It was unprofessional, to say the least. The “rep” obviously had not received proper training from his upline. Either that or he wasn’t teachable and should never have been invited to become an IBO.

        2. People are lured in just like many religions. Admit it Joe it is 99 percent BS. The vast majority of people will lose there rear.

          1. Care to explain how “the vast majority of people will lose their rear”? The majority spend nothing more than their joining fee and get a bunch of products and membership in return, and can ask for a refund for all of it if they want. If that causes them to “lose their rear” then they’re in serious financial trouble whether involved in Amway or not.

    2. My, my, you seem rather angry. Since you don’t have time to waste on these websites, how come you were looking?! How many other businesses do you tell tales on?

  27. It doesn’t matter what terminology you use, Amway is a pyramid sales/network sales type of system that uses good public speaking skills and emotional blackmail, to prey on human weakness and humans innate greed in order to recruit individuals for their cause. After recently attending a seminar (not of my own volition. If I was aware I would have not attended) I was emotionally blackmailed and soft core bullied into taking on Amway. Obviously I declined but it was necessary to do so more than 5 times consecutively using firmer and firmer language as the passes continued until finally the Amway reps bowed out and compromised by handing me the company CD’s.
    I really hope this blog helps someone.

    1. (1) Terminology does matter. By calling it a pyramid, you’re saying it is an illegal, unsustainable business model, contrary to the outcome of every legal or government investigation in to this claim.
      (2) The rest of your comment is referring to someone apparently acting unprofessionally, though I’m curious how you can have attended a seminar not of your own violation. If they physically kidnapped you, perhaps you should report it to the police? I suspect you attended entirely of your own violation, then for what ever reason decided it wasn’t for you. Even so all that appears to happen is someone showed you the oppportunity, tried to encourage you to give it a go (though perhaps too forcefully), you didn’t, you moved on. Where’s the problem?
      (3) Building a business through emotional blackmail, greed, and preying on human weakness is obviously not a sustainable approach. Amway has been around more than 50 years. That should tell you something.

      1. Hi,

        I just want to thank you IBOFIGHTBACK for your website. Every business is going to have negative feedback because everyone likes to blame other things on their lack of drive to accomplish a goal.

        I’ve been an IBO for 3 years and I love the company, I believe in the products and i love being rewarded with my hard work, not only with the checks my husband and I receive but with the friendships I’ve made and the life tools I have learned.

        Thank you again for this website, it’s encouraging.

      2. Amway has been there for over 50 years but not many distributors have been around very long. Most have stopped or seen their business collapse. I see no problem with amway or any other mlm. Its the distributors who destroy the business image. I had an ex emerald come into my consulting practice recently who explained her business and several upline diamonds fell apart when the group got word of the tools scam. I saw the same thing happen to all the uk diamonds except one.

        1. Vincent, a couple of years ago Amway did a special presentation to IBOs who had qualified Diamond every year for 20+ years (or was it 30?). There’s been numerous senior level IBOs recently die, effectively of advanced age. There’s been numerous other IBOships recognized as now being third generation.

          There’s ways to build sustainable businesses, and there’s ways to build the business fast. They’re often not compatible! I’d suggest that not being honest and transparent and working with integrity is incompatible with a sustainable business too.

          So if you want a sustainable Amway business, follow the Amway leaders that have done so. There’s plenty of them!

    2. i really appriciate ur critical thinking abt this matter. do they ever mentioned abt the product promotion and product knowledge in the seminar??

      1. Which seminar? There are many different types of seminars. In my experience product training is normally done in small group sessions, having said that I recently attended a seminar with thousands that had one of Amway’s experts talk extensively on skin care and Artistry products. In terms of promotion most groups also have specific meetings/talks focused almost entirely on the promotion of products – things like “optimal health” seminars and Nutrilite, and “No-tox” parties and Artistry.

    3. Joe
      No mater if it’s are regular job or a MLM Business,you have the CEO, President, Vice President, Management,Employee’s. No mater what job it is it starts at the top & work it’s way down.

  28. I am an unemployed 50 year old. I was laid off from my last job and have had a hard time finding a new one. I am looking in to AmWay and I am going to attend there meeting tonight. I have a freind whos Daughter is selling AmWay and she is making close to $1000.00 month and this is her 3rd month at it. I hope this buisness is real.

  29. My husband and I have been IBOs (independent business owners) for 1 month now. Prior to joining I spent my time looking at all of the negative things on the internet about Amway and convinced myself it was a bad company before trying it.

    I confronted the IBO that approached me about joining and he told me to see for myself and if I didn’t like it they’d refund my money.

    So far what I have seen are people with good hearts and good intentions. My husband and I are extremely busy but the IBO’s above us are doing so much to make sure we get the help we need to be successful and meet our goal. I want to return the favor some day by doing the same for others. I’m using some of the products and they make me feel amazing. I didn’t think it was possible to feel this great again. Our goal right now is to replace my meager income so I can go back to school full-time. We have almost met that goal. But the most important change in our lives because of Amway and LTD is the change within us because of all the positive things we’ve heard and read from others. I’m reading so much more now, than I ever have and it’s making me a better person on the inside-this is the greatest treasure we’ve found (much more valuable than money).

  30. Hello,
    I and my sister was involved in away before 7 years. I enjoyed so much at that time and had great experience. This business totally depends on your will power and hard working. If you have both then you will get great growth. My experience was awesome.

  31. Nice comments. I was involved in Amway from 1991-1994, and had a great growth experience. I too, didn’t make a lot of money because I didn’t follow the plan well enough. I don’t blame the company or the system. I blame my own effort. However, my life has been impacted in such a positive way from that experience, that I really did profit from my business experience. Good luck.


  32. Hello, I am an Independent Business Owner and have been for the past 8 months. I have made no money and have thrown in close to 2,500 dollars in product, business material, functions and books. I made close to 800 but had relatively none to little clients in that duration. I have to be honest this isn’t because I was “scammed” into spending money. I did not build my business like I was taught and therefore reaped what I sewed. No one in World Wide Group told me I had to buy anything and were in my opinion the most respectful people I have come across. There are things I’ve learned in this business that I think they could tweak to help others understand and carefully start their business right. I have months where I did gross in a profit and it was simply due to moving more volume and creating legit clients and serving their needs and working smart, not hard. I truly believe you need to understand how everything works and have a good heart for people and work hard and you can be successful. Unfortunately there is no watchdog on every IBO so when someone makes a bad decision we all suffer from it becuase it gives naysayers material to use against the whole system. And to people who call people like me a cult member and all your other negative rhetoric remember to make sure someone proves that to you before prejudging them. There are a lot of great people in the system who will do anything to make sure your equppied to run your business right.

    1. Hello, dear partner.

      I am the Independant Business Owner in Russia. I have a very small structure yet. But I have it already. You know what’s going on around the world: there is a great number of people who want to work and get money for the real decent work, but they don’t assume even that promotion – is a WORK. It is regarded as a deception not only here in my country. In my church community there came a great and rather hot discussion about: Can a Christian work in MLM business. Lord, it was a day! There is already a public opinion about this sort of business, that prevent people to enter and earn living. Such books only add to this hip of stupidity.I am 100% sure that such people as the book author have no noble aims. They are either well paid for opposition or have no idea about how people in other countries survive. For me Amway is already the way out. Please, be patient and work day by day. Good luck!

      1. Hey Rina,

        My name is anton and I am also an IBO for amway. I am 19yrs old born in ukraine. Ive been in the business since 18 and have a huge business coming along. If I can do it you definatley can too. I just wanted to say that yes a christian can work this business because the church needs people like you and I who will do good things with the money and help out many people. Money does not buy happiness but it is a good tool to do great things in life. Stick with your dream and never let anyone steel your dream.

    2. I’m 23 years old and tried Amway a few years back. I had built a solid foundation with 3 “legs” and started to see small signs of success. But, the problem I consistently ran into was the issue of the products offered via Amway were EXTREMELY pricey and much too expensive for myself, or much less any of the other college students Amway was really pushing us to sell to.

      I also find it ironic that the IBO’s that contacted me were determined to build their business in the college town markets. Hmm.. praying on the young college students who are either 1) Still using Dad’s credit card or 2) Just got their own credit card are are still very inexperienced with how to handle their credit.

      They preach ethics and hard work to you and how certain 18 year old’s out there have had tremendous success by using the methods they preach, but what they don’t say is whose money was being used upfront to fund the business and help it grow.

      Business owners like myself(No longer an Amway member, Thank Goodness) know that for a business to grow you have to “spend money to make money.”

      This is another thing that was commonly left out by the IBO’s that recruited me. They wanted to it sound like you could make all this money without doing much work by saying comments such as:
      “What would you do with an extra “$20,000 per year at your age?”
      Followed up by:
      “What if I told you you could make $20,000 per year simply by doing 2 QI’s a week?”

      I soon found out that I was easily spending 18-22 hours a week on what I now consider to be BS (tapes & books) that THEY approve to further the brainwashing.

      The program is definitely misleading and prays on the naive and inexperienced to create growth and profits.

      For anyone out there looking into Amway, please be careful and interrogate the hell out of everything the IBO is pitching you!

      In my experience, they are 100% full of shit and just looking to grow their business and could care less about you and your money.

      I understand that there are some truthful IBO’s out there and they may be ethical and not misleading, but in my experience that was not that case.

      Don’t buy into the whole “Peter Island” spiel. How many people go on that trip anyways? 5-10? And how many people have tried Amway? Odds aren’t too promising. I think I’d rather avoid the ethically challenged/ “too good to be true” business model and stick to my capitalistic rights as an American and explore free enterprise to become financially independent like Amway people so often preach.

      Agree completely with most of the comments Justin made he’s on the money. Thanks for creating this blog. People need the truth and they for damn sure aren’t getting it from certain Amway IBO’s.

      One more thing, the Amway business focuses on selling to your “contacts” i.e. “Friends & Family.” I can’t begin to tell you about how many friendships were altered because of Amway.

      Friends & Family have trouble saying “no” to one another especially when they are so enthusiastic about something. So, makes sense why they would hold a huge Pro-Amway Rally congratulating so many IBO’s success stories a few times every year to keep everyone enthusiastic and brainwashed.

      Oh, and they even try and pull into your spiritual life as well since these Amway Rallies are over weekends and they drag it out through Sunday morning to hold a sermon for the people in attendance to attempt to make the people realize they need to be “saved” at an Amway event.

      Yes, they even go that far.

      Word of advice for anyone who gets randomly approached by someone asking them if they’d like to make some more money on the side and are super friendly and respectful; turn and walk away. It’d save you a lot of time and money.

      Unless of course you feel confident that you can be one of those 5-10 that make it to “Peter Island.”

      Best of luck to you.

      1. Brandon, sorry to here of your experience. I‘ve posted before about the problems of targeting the products to the wrong market. Most Amway products are not targeted to college students, and in my opinion trying to build a business targeting the wrong market is a recipe for failure. Having said that, (1) Amway has introduced some cheaper products, some of these, like BeautyCycle unfortunately aren’t available in the US, but there are cheaper and small packages of Nutrilite products, as well as the popular XS range. (2) college students all know people who aren’t college students, so there’s no reason why they can’t build an Amway business anyway.

        As for some of the other stuff you mention, I notice you said it was a few years back you tried Amway. In the last 3-4 years Amway has introduced a whole range of programs to monitor, control, and improve the training, materials and seminars operated by third part companies. I think there’s still room to improve, but much better than it was

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