What a great testimonial

Ryan Flaherty, an intern at Amway Corporation headquarters in Michigan, has written a beautiful post about his experiences with the company – The Icing on the Cake.

The post is a testimonial to the great people at Amway who make the Amway business opportunity possible. It gets at the heart of what Amway Corporation is about and, hopefully, what Amway independent business owners are about. Just this week an old friend asked a question about recommended nutritional products on Facebook. Naturally I pm’d her and promoted the unsurpassed Nutrilite products. Alas, somewhere along the line she’d gotten a view of Amway that was the diametric opposite to Ryan, explaining that she won’t buy Amway products because of the companies poor ethical standards. Unfortunately she’s not alone in that view, a view likely created not by Amway, but by the poor behaviour of  some of Amway’s independent reps.

My experience is more like Ryan’s –

The way they operate is the way that I would expect businesses to operate in an ideal society.

The more I’ve researched Amway over the years, the better and better they have looked. Thankfully in recent years Amway has finally become more proactive in monitoring and controlling field behaviour. It needed to be done and they’ve been guilty of a lack of action in this area in the past. As we move forward one can hope, and expect, that there will be far more people with opinions like Ryan, and fewer like my old friend.

Thanks for the post, Ryan, and thanks for your time contributing to the world of Amway. May your future be all you hope it to be!

The Icing on the Cake

13 thoughts on “What a great testimonial”

  1. Hi
    I would like to mention that the Amway Company has different organizations and one them the biggest that makes for money than all the others put together (financially) that is WWDB does a few things.
    And I’ll mention of them,
    1, teaches ppl to think like a successful business owner

    2, teaches ppl on how to be a better person, husband, dad, wife & mom.

    I can honestly say that the Amway organization that is partnered up with World Wide Dream Builders
    Saved my marriage.
    I was on the edge of divorce. my marriage was hanging on less than 1% and now I’m proud to say it’s in the 90’s okay let’s say it’s at 89% and that’s way better than 1%

  2. Hey Tiffany,
    This comes a little late but it is impossible to get an impartial judgement on Amway. There are 2 types of people in the US, those that are in Amway and those that used to be in Amway. All others know nothing about it.
    The problem is when someone quits they usually don’t tell people the business was incredible and that they are just quitters or left to chase something that seemed easier. They usually are negative to save face.

    Those that are building it are the best resource to speak to because if they are really building it hard then they don’t care waht you think and are not trying to impress you.

    Amway is the best business opportunity in the world but it takes guts and perserverance and most people have neither. Also the cash-flow is incredible and the training is life changing. You see but I am building the business so I am giving you a winners perspective. I am sure there are planty of other perspective’s out there.

    Good luck in your search.

    1. WWDBKevin, are you for real? Are you a part of WWDB? You give the impression that you feel that those who no longer are active in the Amway Business are somehow sub-human.
      I’m curious, who is your Diamond? Your Emerald? Your Platinum? I ask because my experience of WWDB is one of acceptance, no matter what people are doing in their lives–in and outside of Amway.
      So I’d like to know what they all would think of you using “WWDB” in your handle, and giving the impression that you are giving.

  3. Hey Tiffany,

    I am actually the former intern that wrote the original post. I was just looking back on some of this and reminiscing. I can definitely understand your frustration with trying to find an “unbiased” opinion. I can see both sides of the argument. Obviously I worked there and was exposed to a side of the company most people do not get to see. I also see where your coming from with your skepticism towards direct sales as a whole. I can honestly tell you that I meant every word and I was being completely honest. However, to be able to find an honest opinion you have to be willing to accept one when it comes around. That’s all I have to say, good luck with your search.

  4. In all the years that I have been in the business, there has almost never been a problem with the products. It seems that most of the people who have a problem with the company or the business have actually had a problem with an IBO who “tried to get them into” the business, when, in fact, those people weren’t actually looking to get into this, or any other, business.

    Believe it or not, there are people who want to use the products and be in the business. I got two new customers in August, three new ones in September, and the last IBO I sponsored, just three weeks ago, asked me if they could sign up. This is a great business when it is done properly.

  5. The testimony is all Amway employees and is copyrighted by Amway. Not quite an impartial testimony. I’m trying to get to know this company looking at both sides and I haven’t made up my mind yet, but citing this source raises my eyebrows as to your partiality and credibility on the matter.

    1. Hi Tiffany

      I think your looking for feedback more so from a non-IBO or a non-employee. Check out CBSMoneywatch.com and search Amway an Article called “Why you should Join Amway” should pop up, the article is by Robert Pagliarini, a Certified financial planner.

      Hope this helps

    2. Hi Tiffany,
      I’m an IBO in North America. And I receive zero financial benefit from you becoming an IBO (since you are not in my organization). So even though I understand what you are saying, I don’t know why the POV of those who are pro-Amway must be from “the outside” in order to be credible. Wouldn’t those who have experience with the Amway Business, with first-hand knowledge, be legit sources?
      I guess it amazes me that people will listen to others who have zero or limited experience with the Amway Business, and yet won’t listen to those who have 5, 10, even 30 years experience. When you have people who have been Amway IBOs for a long time, doesn’t that say something about the company and the opportunity?

      1. Always consider the source , you wouldn’t talk to a vegetarian about where to get the best burger? You would talk to a lady who’s been married so many times she’s got rice marks on her face about relationships. So why would you want insights to a business of a non-business owner? That’s bad business … If I want results and no excuses I get around the people who get up and are getting on with designing a life that can’t wait to Live “Amway” IBO’s future Big Business double Diamond;)

        1. So Mastermind, based on your logic, if you are building an Amway business, you should ask Amway on how to build it.

          A vegetarian might be able to tell you where to get a good burger. Someone who’s been married many times might be able to give you valuable advice about marriage. Your logic is severely flawed.

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