What does a Professor of International Business think about Amway?

Professor Ing Jiří Jindra, CSc.  is a Full Professor at the University of Economics, Prague, in the Czech Republic, with nearly 100 academic papers published in peer-reviewed academic journals. A few years ago he was interviewed and asked what he thought about Amway. A new Czech blog, Amway Fakta, has posted a video of the interview with English captions. Have a listen (or read! don’t forget to press the CC button to get the english subtitles) to what a  expert says about the Amway business.

Thanks for the great work, Amway Fakta!

10 thoughts on “What does a Professor of International Business think about Amway?”

  1. Hello guys, sorry to say that, but the university, where Mr. Jindra used to teach, got very well paid for legitimizing Amway business in Czech republic. But still it is not enough, as the sales per year in CZ had not been growing for almost one decade…

    1. Nothing that needs “sorry to say”. They studied it and gave their opinion. As for Czech market, most of Europe has been in a slump most of the past decade, and not just Amway. The last 18 months has seen Amway start to focus more on the European market and get things moving, but it takes time.

      1. Hello IBOFB, Amway in CZ is still pathetic, it merged with slovak Amway as last 3 employees in Bratislava were still too much for the demand in whole Slovakia. Amway CZ/SK recently grew by 1 or 2% after dozen or so years of constant decline. That all in two countries, which became economic tigers of Europe, CZ having lowest unemployment rate in Europe and basically every business grows a lot now, but Amway. I saw some of these videos, some proffesors were even invited to Amway headquarters to see wall of fame, all the patents Amway holds, though many are patents for the plastic bottles shapes or pills shape etc. The university Jiří Jindra is from also got 500 000,-CZK for hosting 3 day Amway training. All these videos are by now some 19-20 years old, prof. Jindra wishes all the best to new millenium, so this is 1999 VHS video or even older. I challenge czech IBOs to get new videos with some university profesors now. I am afraid that they may have even tried, but guess no profesor would put his name at risk by glorifying Amway these days.

    2. The university and Amway have a long-time partnership and Prof. Jindra clearly states that in his speech. I know that you are obsessed by the idea that Amway bought the whole world but believe me, it’s a normal partnership.

      The point you are missing is that the University would not get into the deal if it meant that its reputation had gotten hurt. That’s a FACT!

      The university doesn’t need to “legitimize” the business in any way since the business complies with the laws in the Czech Republic and, of course, in the rest of the democratic developed countries.

  2. For many years Prof. Jindra was the Vicepresident of Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism.

  3. Spent two hours reading translations. Excellent. Many more hours to go. Might be worth the time, David, to paraphrase what the professor had to say. (Seems he is an AW and TTAA fan. Likes Bridgett, also.) Should open up some good discussions.

      1. Point well taken. Might be well worth the time to paraphrase what the blog had to say. Excellent topics.

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