Why Nutrilite?

In recent months Quixtar has truly begun to engage the internet and take advantage of some of the techonologies available for promoting Amway/Quixtar brands and the Amway/Quixtar business opportunity. Quixtar has launched sites like The Facts About Quixtar and has multiple Quixtar staff engaging the internet community on the Quixtar Opportunity Zone. QuixtarPR has also been quietly posting videos up on YouTube.

Now, Quixtar's sister company, Amway is getting in the game. Since January, AmwayBrandComms has been officially posting Amway Corporation videos on YouTube. A recent one addresses an issue close to my heart – the Nutrilite (Nutriway) supplement brand. One of my early posts on this blog was titled The Nutrilite Difference, talking about some of the factors I believe make Nutrilite (Nutriway) simply the best nutritional supplement available. Amway has recently posted a superb short film Why Nutrilite? featuring Dr Sam Rehnborg addressing the same issue. Here it is for your enjoyment –

They've posted some other videos which I'll highlight over the next few weeks. 


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