XS Gold – coming September 15

A few commentators on Amway Talk have been talking about a new XS Energy product due out soon for Amway Global in North AmericaXS Gold. Bridgett over on The World According to Bridgett has brought us the information that it will be launched September 15, as well as this great video “teaser” –

No word on exactly what it is, but obviously it’s a new flavour (Gold? perhaps it’s a beer! 🙂 ). Unfortunately we don’t have XS in my part of the Amway world, so I won’t get to try it!

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4 thoughts on “XS Gold – coming September 15”

  1. This is going to be a very retailable product.

    *it trumps the competition in the superfruits market.

    * with Essentra, and the clinical studies, it’s a sure winner.

    * has an excellent retail mark-up and good PV/BV.

    A great addition to the retail offerings of AMWAY GLOBAL!


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