You heard it here first: Amway returns to North America

You read it here first nearly 3 weeks ago, now it's been confirmed by an internal corporate memo obtained by Grand Rapids Press – the Quixtar name is to be phased out in North America over the next 2 years.

The memo is quoted as saying –

"Research has shown us that the Quixtar name is weaker and less known in the U.S. and Canada than we ever expected," the memo said. "Meanwhile, even eight years after leaving North America, the Amway name is stronger and better known than we realized."

This will be an interesting challenge for those IBOs who have attempted to pretend that Quixtar and Amway are not related. Personally I think it's a great move, though as someone who has worked in markets where "the American Way" isn't exactly seen as a positive these days, I sometimes feel as if they should have instead changed everything to Quixtar!

In todays global world, one global brand makes sense, and despite having some "negatives" associated with it, the Amway brand also has a heck of a lot of positives as well. IBOs, IBO leaders, and the Corporation can now focus on building the brand to be one of the most respected in the world.

Sources have told me there's some other initiatives on the way in North America, including a renewed focus and repackaging of the L.O.C. range to promote its environmental friendliness, increased bonus pools, with particular emphasis on Q-12 qualification, and a good possibility of cheaper and perhaps even free shipping for customer and/or new IBOs.

All in all some great changes.

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